Monday, March 8, 2010


Last night was rough because Jude kept waking up. He sounded like he was wheezing which really alarmed me, and I never really fully fell asleep. The nurse checked him this morning and to the her Jude sounded rhaspy on the third breath when she listened to him, but it quickly vanished. Mike has concluded that Jude's reflux is back, and has given him some Prilosec. Hopefully this will clear things up, but I am not convinced. Jude did eat very well last night, and finished the day with 30 ounces, and half a jar of baby food. So I was thrilled with his eating yesterday. He was also working really hard on rolling over, but couldn't quite get there. He tried, and that's what counts. We put his glow globe beside him, and you will here him huff and puff as he tries to roll over towards it. Sometimes it seems there is a break through in Jude's brain process. Most of the time Jude's little eyes are full of love, but not much else. At least I get smile, giggles, and hugs. Jude does this little crunch towards me when he sees me, and I tell Mike I think it's Jude hugging me.

Our weekend was eventful, and it ended with a Scentsy party yesterday at my friend Linda's house. It was a great party, and I booked two more open houses off her party. I am thankful that my side business is doing well, and I hope it continues to. Today I am working, dropping off taxes, and seeing my friend Carrie's new baby. I have a full week of drivers license renewals, car inspections, and the other stuff that I am very glad will be over soon.

So since I am disclosing that the Scentsy went well let's talk about Material possessions. I am not one for fancy cars, real expensive jewelry, or other items that some enjoy. It doesn't make their wants wrong, I am just different. Although, I do have one material possession that I enjoy, and I wish was paid HOUSE! If I was able to pay off my house I would be in a MUCH better position, and could spend so much more time with my kids. It would take a huge load off my shoulders. So my lofty goal is to save as much as possible, and try to pay it off within five years, like I said it's a lofty goal!! I am not sure I can save that much, but I can try. So what is your one material possession? You dream? Other than having our children healthy, I am talking tangible items. Indulge me, and discuss.

Have a great day.


A Girl Named Me said...

It's my house. I hate having the debt of it. I pay more than the minimum house payment every month. If I'm able to keep doing this, the house will be paid for in 15 years instead of 30. I'd love to do even better than this and have been looking at how I can make that happen. It probably means I need to stop buying handbags - my other material weakness! xo

Candace said...

I would say the house too but we only moved in three years ago so we are no where near paying anything off. The other would be to get rid of my car payment. I am wishing for a minivan...a dream....but for now I have to live with my little SUV. How are you feeling, girl? Getting any answers for you, yet?

Katy said...

I sure would love to pay off our house, but we've only been there two years, and my kid is EXPENSIVE. Still. . . that would be it. There's so much you can do once you have the roof over your head part figured out.