Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleepless in Texas

Wow, what a night we had in our house! When I got home Jude seemed to be doing well, so I gave him a bath, and then fed him an 8 ounce bottle of pediasure about 7:30. He then got very very fussy again, and was crying so hard that he looked scared. He would have several cluster seizures in a row, and then cry again. I could see his tiny bottom tooth barely poking through the skin, so I again attributed this to teething. I then gave him some Motrin, and he fell fast asleep at about 9:00. The only problem is... Jude normally wakes up and takes another bottle, and his medications before bedtime...........but he wasn't stirring. We tried several times to wake him up, and Jude would have no part of it. Luckily with the Depakote it's a level medication, and his blood levels should remain the same if he only misses one dose.

Jude woke up about two am with a seizure, and crying. It took about thirty minutes to get him back to sleep, and this seemed to be an hourly issue. We did this ALL night long, and finally about 5:52 I got him to sleep, and I thought we were home free, but he then woke up about 30 minutes later. I was exhausted, he was exhausted, and so was Mike. Jude would sleep while he was in the bed with us for a bit, so Mike placed Jude on his arm, and we all settled back in. Then Emily got up......sigh.

As I was leaving for work Jude was laying on the bed laughing, and Mike was about to give him his bottle, and medication. I told him jokingly that he was a real stinker that he cried all night, and was laughing in the morning. I then left, and I knew Mike had a big therapy day ahead of him. Jude had speech, and PT today at Our House, and then ECI is coming too. I am not sure Jude will handle the therapy well without sleep. In fact, Mike sent me a picture text that said "Hi mom I am in the car all ready to go to therapy", he was sound asleep.

Anyway, so nevertheless I am exhausted, but you just get used to it. I had a friend ask me if I was okay, because I was a bit distant at the shower this weekend. Let me assure all my friends that if I am every distant, non talkative, etc, don't take it personal, or worry about me. My life is just different now, and I am tired, and have a lot on my mind. Thanks so much for being concerned for me, it's nice to know I have good friends.

Ps ~ As I finished this, Mike called to tell me how therapy went. He said speech was fine, and the Jude was "talking" up a storm for Jennifer the therapist. She said she was very impressed, and has some older children that do not make sounds at all. She said she was very reassured by this. Mike said during PT Jude was angry, and tired. He was impressed with the therapist because she would not tolerate Jude's fits. She would roll him into a little ball, and this would keep Jude from arching, while he screamed. She would let him finish crying, and then they would press forward. I think this therapist is going to really help Jude.

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Midwest Mommy said...

Glad therapy went good! I hope you all get some rest tonight.