Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Last night we went to my cousins house for a little while, and visited with my other cousin from out of town. It was nice, but we didn't stay long. I was still getting over my cold, and Jude was very cranky. We were at home celebrating the New Year in our pajama pants, and then went to bed. That's right people, we are party animals, but it was actually pretty great.

Late Last night Jude woke up again very cranky!!! He was really acting like something was really bothering him. We gave him some Motrin, and he seemed to calm down. This morning he had a horrible diaper, and is sleeping constantly. This is exactly the routine he followed the last time he came down with the intestinal infection. So we gave him some probiotic this morning, and we are watching him closely.

We took down our tree this morning, cleaned up the house, and now I am relaxing. I still need to hit the grocery store, but other than that we are staying in. I am going to let Jude rest as much as possible. I wish everyone a wonderful New Year. I am hoping our year is full of good news.


Candace said...

Happy N Year right back, Jenn! Hope you all feel better, soon. I think I am coming down with something....YICK!

my little world said...

Happy New Year.... I gave you an award.. swing by my blog and pick it up.

Smileyfreak said...

This is the first time I have visited your lovely blog,thank you for sharing your hopeful story! :) Happy New Year :) May the new year bring good health and lots of happiness :)