Saturday, January 16, 2010

A busy, but great Saturday

My day started early today, but it was worth it. I got up about 7:45 to get ready, load smile boxes, and meet Emily and her dad at Scottish Rite in Dallas. It's his weekend, and he was more than willing to help out. Emily had a chance to meet some of the patients of the hospital, and give her boxes directly to them. There were some cases that touched home, and we enjoyed putting some smiles on their faces. Prior to passing out the boxes, Emily took me around the hospital showing me artwork, and different statues that she liked. She pointed out one piece that was rotating, and we read the information regarding the piece. Neiman Marcus had a contest for the patients to come up with a Christmas tree of their dreams. A young boy came up with a tree made solely of prosthetic arms, legs, hands, and wheels from wheelchairs, and crutches. His submission was chosen, and they created his masterpiece. It was humbling, and amazing to see.

After the hospital I ventured home to meet my aunt, and grandmother. My grandmother was in from Missouri, and my aunt had brought her over to visit. They then watched Jude for a couple of hours so Mike, and I could go to lunch. It was a wonderful lunch, and we really enjoyed ourselves. My aunt was able to get Jude's bottle down him while we were gone, and she said Jude was a perfect angel. Mike, and I joked that Jude would probably start screaming as soon as they left...........we shouldn't have joked.

So later in the night Jude started a screaming rampage that just would not stop. I gave him some motrin because I thought it may be his teeth, and after about an hour he calmed down. I was spent, and I understood why Mike gets so frustrated during the day, and why it's so easy for him to lash out. A child screaming straight for an hour, or even more makes your head throb. Once Jude calmed down I fed him a 9 ounce bottle, and he fell fast asleep. Jude's seizures have still increased a bit, but that could be due to the teeth issue. He still has the three teeth buds, but they have not broken the surface yet. Emily was such an easy teether, but Jude has had such a difficult time.

Friday, a wonderful lady came in to write her insurance, and she began talking about her special needs child. I think it's amazing sometimes, how people of the same circumstances are drawn together. I have recently met another mom that has helped me with diapers, advice, and more. I find comfort in their words. I wish they were not in the same circumstance, but I appreciate all their words of wisdom.

Anna, and her family will be in my prayers tomorrow as they lay Katy to rest.

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Candace said...

Well, I am glad that she got to hand them out to the children! Have you tried those teething tablets? Several of my friends swear by them.