Monday, January 4, 2010

Desperate Housewives

Last night Mike, and I watched Paranormal activity, and after being very disappointed with the movie I went downstairs. I wanted to take some time to really put some heartfelt emotion into my blog. I feel like I have been lacking my true self lately because I have been so busy. So I settled myself on the couch, andpoured out my feelings, my thoughts, and many emotions you have heard before. I cried about Jude, and I was happy about Jude. Then suddenly "Desperate Housewives" came on, and I stopped typing. Mike came downstairs to find me a snotty crying mess because of last night's episode.

What was so great about a drama filled hour of TV? They did a "flash forward", and there sat Lynette with a disabled child. I watched her bawl in the laundry room to her husband telling him that she doesn't understand why they were chosen to have a special child. I watched her cry out to him "why? I feel like I am being punished for something, but I don't know what". I then heard him scold her and tell her she needed to see the potential NOT the problem. OMG, had this show READ my blog, because it was like watching a mirror image of our life. I then admired how she got into therapy with her little boy. I cried even harder when he used his cane once he was older, and limped into the kitchen asking for a sandwich. Lynette told him he should be thankful he isn't in a wheelchair, and to make the sandwich himself. She gripped the sink tightly as she heard jars drop on to the floor. She was gripping the sink because she was holding herself back from helping him. I can only imagine how proud she was when he had actually completed that sandwich. She just told him that she bet that was a great tasing meal! In addition she worked and worked with him, and watched him graduate. It was so touching. Felicity Huffman did a great job portraying a mom to special needs, and the show got a star from me last night.

Of course, I picked out that her disabled baby could keep his head up, and mine cannot, and that he didn't have a feeding tube, etc. Nevertheless I was still impressed. I no longer needed to blog last night because my emotions had been spent in crying, but crying in a good way. So therefore, I decided to share the show with you guys today.

I still have pictures to share, but I am super busy at work.

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