Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Speech Therapy

This is Jude at speech therapy today, he did very well! The speech therapy will not only help him talk, but help him learn to eat solids. He was more interested in the ABC wheel toy they had, and he even would attempt to turn the wheel.

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"NO DAD, I don't want to go in!!!"

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Um didn't you hear me? I said I don't want to be in this chair!!!!

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Oh wait, I remember this lady, she is nice and has that cool vibrating cheek thingy!! It goes up my arm bump bump bump, and on to my cheek!

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Okay I am happy now, bring on the musical toys!

Notice he is not strapped into the chair. Jude does a fairly good job of holding himself up without being strapped in anymore. Maybe one day Jude will be able to say Mama and Dada, that would be lovely!


claire said...

I just wanna say keep up the amazing work! you and your family are so tough and persevere through so much. Whenever i read a good update it makes my day!
I wish you the best in your journey

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous - he is flirting with the PT lady - I thought he only flirted with me! :(

TMI Tara said...

So cute! He IS a flirt! ;o)

Is that a special tomato chair? Do you love it? We want to get a chair for Chloe and I'm looking into a few different ones, but so far I think I'm sold on the special tomato. Do share!

Holly Mackerel said...

These are awesome. It is so wonderful to see Jude progressing, Jenn, it really is.

Cjengo said...

Hey Tara, the therapist calls it a Tumbler? I will find out the name for sure. I do like it a lot, ECI is bringing us a loaner...woo woo