Thursday, November 19, 2009

A feeding update.

Jude took about 16 ounces total yesterday, which isn't that bad, but it's not perfect. The nutrionalist said Jude needs 24 ounces of pediasure a day to achieve enough calories for his body. I am happy that Mike was able to get any nutrition in him though. Mike was again struggling with Jude this morning, and at eleven Jude had only eaten 2 ounces. He seems to eat in his own time, but he is not like Emily was. She would wake up ravenous hungry after sleeping all night long without any food. Then again thankfully Emily never had a stroke, and never had issues with her brain. As horrible as that sounds, that is what this boils down to, Jude's brain just doesn't work the same.

So to our surprise Allumed called to tell us we had received a tomato chair!! My guess is my insurance paid for it when Medicaid denied it, and we are thankful. So our rep from the company came out to fit Jude in his chair........only to realize it was ordered so long ago, that it's way to small. I am now accepting bets on how long it will take to get a replacement, ha! They are also looking into a loaner stander, and I am really praying we get this quickly. I think the stander could help with Jude's head control.

As a side note, I am selling "Scentsy socks" these are small stockings I have filled with a full size Scentsy room spray, and a car candle, they are $11. Scentsy room sprays are amazing, and one squirt can fill the room with aroma. These make amazing teacher gifts, great client gifts, and everyone loves them. I even have amazing scents for guys like leather, bourbon, rustic woods, and more. I will be placing the order Tuesday, so please let me know if you are interested. I can ship!!


Candace said...

Ok Jenn, I am guessing 6 months! LOL! That's basically what happened to Faith and her wheelchair! We had to send it back- I hope it comes back quickly and I am wrong! Since it was already approved and ordered maybe the return and reorder will be expedited.

Holly Mackerel said...

I LOVEthe bourbon fragrance. It's one of my absolute faves, along with Hemingway.

Anonymous said...
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