Friday, November 6, 2009

Nascar is here vrooom vrooom,ugh

Well I live close to the Texas Motor Speedway which means when Nascar hits my town twice a year I have about a 150,000 uninvited guests raiding my territory. I really have to laugh at it all, and I know they are enjoying themselves, so other the traffic I have little issues with it all. Although, this was the first year they were racing cars at 3am preparing for the big race on Sunday, I was a little miffed. The said racing was early Thursday morning, and then last night Jude decided to race in his playpen all night long. If it wasn't Jude making noise, it was something else, so I am sleepless in Dallas today.

Jude has to give blood today because he has a doctor appointment next Tuesday, and they need to check his levels, and liver. I hate that Mike always has to take him for the dreaded needle poke, and listen to Jude cry. Mike seemed pretty upset by it all last night, and there is little I can do to ease the pain for him. I did take Jude to bed with me last night so Mike could have some quiet time upstairs. I feel like if he gets some quiet time at night then he can regain his composure a bit. I guess we all need to press our reset button.

This morning on my way to work I was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the morning , as usual. They were airing their Kidds Kids trip live, and we were listening to a talent show the children put on. We heard a great rendition of a show tune, a great imitation of Taylor Swift, and about how someone danced so well. Then there was a little boy with cerebral Palsy whose sister wheeled him up to sing, and she explained he had really been practicing. He tried his best to sing in tune with the Rugrats song, and I, of course, lost it. What go me even more was when Kidd said while he was singing they looked over at his 16 year old sister who was crying because she was so proud of him. Reminded me of Em, and it pulled on my heart strings.

I have a very busy weekend ahead full of make up softball games, and Scentsy parties. I am working my hardest to earn a trip to Hawaii with Scentsy. I have never been, and the idea of lush trees, and blue oceans sounds might tasty!!! Be sure to check out the holiday line:

Also, many prayers to the soldiers who lost their lives at Fort Hood yesterday. I hate that it happened, I hate it happened in Texas, and I hate that there is such violence in the world.


Candace said...

Yes I agree about the shooting. It makes you want to lock the door and never leave the house!

jocalyn said...

I hate all those things too. And I REALLY hate NASCAR.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend...though I'm sure you will not be leaving your development :)

Katy said...

I'm so sorry i missed that little boy singing on Kidd Kraddick--people have been talking about it all day.

That NASCAR thing is too much. I once got caught up in the traffic by the track and it is CrAZY!!!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

My brother would love to live there he is a huge Nascar fan. He even has a wall with all of his toy cars on and everything you can think of that is Nascar. He even does that Rally car driving. We all say he is a bit lose in the head. But boys and their toys. Hope you all still enjoyed the weekend

Canada Guy said...

NASCAR is the perfect symbol of our cheerful self destruction. While global warming is getting worse, and pressure is growing for our leaders to reach a strong agreement in Copenhagen, millions of fans are cheering this extravagantly wasteful "sport".