Saturday, November 28, 2009

One kid up, One kid really down

Last night Jude starting his refusal to eat again, and he was screaming in pain most of the night. I literally slept two hours, and I felt so sorry for him. I finally told Mike I was taking him into the ER because I didn't believe this was a teething issue. Therefore, we got up got around, and then headed out. Once at the ER they initially said they thought it could be some sort of bowel obstruction, which put me in panic mode. They took some X rays, and stated the radiologist did not believe it to be an obstruction. His urine then showed positive for a UTI, and they drew blood to check his Depakote levels. The whole reason I rushed him in is because the seizure medications can cause liver failure, and pancreatitis.

I am afraid his blood levels do show possible pancreatitis. They are flushing Judes system with fluid in hopes that his levels will go back to normal, and this is all caused by dehydration. If it's not then that means his seizure drug that has brought Jude's smile back to us will have to be eliminated.

We are very discouraged, but trying to keep our hopes up. Mike is again very down, and upset. It seems we never can escape the holidays without something happening. Our concern is Jude though, and we will do what's in his best interest. Jude has mostly slept since arriving at the hospital and we have been here about eight hours or so. He will wake up to scream in pain, but then he falls back to sleep. He has had multiple seizures, and the doctors have signed an order for morphine due to pain, if we decide to administer it.

Again, we are hoping for the best, and hoping this doesn't turn into a full blown acute pancreatitis. So we are hanging out at the hospital waiting on Jude's room. I will update when I know more.

On another note my friend Sarah at work had her baby today, and I am just thrilled for her. A big congrats Sarah.


Bronx Cataldo's said...

Good call on your part to take him to the ER.Any kind of illness can make them seize more. Hopefully with them hydrating him he won't get pancrititis and his levels will go back down.
Hugs from the Bronx

Midwest Mommy said...

I'm caught up:)