Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A doctor report

A couple of good reports for a change! Jude had his regularly scheduled neuro appointment today, and we were thankful because as I stated before, his seizures have increased. The seizures are still nothing like what they were prior to when they were being controlled by the Depakote. He has 5-6 spasms a day that last a minute or two, trust me that is very manageable! That's a big difference from the multiple yelping screaming 20 minute seizures before. Saturday though I lost track of how many small spasms he had, and I was concerned. Granted Saturday was a very busy day, and we might attribute this to over stimulation, but I really don't feel like that was the issue, because Jude seemed very content.

So while visiting the neuro today Mike explained to the dr, that I have noticed a recent development with Jude. While watching TV, I said, "look Jude" and pointed towards the tv, and he looked.......and repeated this several times. So last night at Emily's softball game I did the same thing, I pointed and said, "Look at sissy" and he looked. I then switched arms and he looked the other direction, which is amazing because due to the stroke he rarely looks to the right. Mike said the doctor listened with interest, and then took out his medical device that makes a tone when hit. He watched as Jude quickly turned towards the noise in both directions, and Mike said he seemed rather impressed. He then noticed that Jude's muscles are increasing in tone, and that Jude was trying to move. Jude is dragging himself along the floor if he is on a place that has the perfect traction for him. In addition Jude tries to sit up, but cannot quite make it. He is also gaining more control over his neck. These are all very positive signs! Mike told me the doctor said "Don't get me wrong your son will be delayed, but these are great strides he is making".

He then said that Jude's medication levels are around 92, and that they don't like to go over 100 to 120. He did agree though to increase the medication some due to his weight to try to control the additional seizures. This concerns me, but I am sure the doctor knows what he is doing. He said we must be on the look our for any type of bruising because this will be an indication that his medication levels are to high. The doctor believes that Jude is making progress because of the addition of the pediasure, and the additional calories. He said that despite the additional seizures Jude looks the best he has seen him. That is wonderful news, and I only hope Jude continues to progress. He commended us on the additional therapy, and said that now is the time to push Jude, and not to let him get lazy. We will do that for sure.

Work is a bit slow, but I am selling a lot of life insurance which is wonderful. I believe everyone should have a life policy in force to protect their family. My Scentsy business is also doing well. I have a show this Friday, and Sunday. I also have a fundraiser I was going to Saturday morning, but due to the increase in Jude's seizures I may not make that. Mike needs a break from the routine at times. I am however sending a large amount of fundraiser information for all the girls attending the fundraiser, and each person that purchases will provide a 20% credit for Emily's Smile boxes. Speaking of her boxes we have enough small objects left from the holiday boxes that we are going to try to make a few packages tonight for our local hospital near our house. That way if they get a few kids in for minor issues then they will receive a box.

So I am getting back to work, but it is reassuring to hear that Jude is doing well. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us because of what Jude has been through. I think we question if we are truly seeing progress or if what we are seeing is just some new move disguised within a seizure.


A Girl Named Me said...

You must be so proud of Jude for working so hard to make this progress. You and Mike have also worked so hard - making sure Jude has what he needs to help him make strides. xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

It is wonderful to hear about all of the progress Jude is making.

We love that little boy!

The Hendrixes

Anonymous said...

great news! sounds like jude is making great progress. way to go jude!

mom2nji said...

Go Jude! That is amazing to hear.