Monday, November 30, 2009

a quick update

I am so tired I can barely function, but I cannot sleep. I came into work today because we need the money, but I am leaving early to be with Jude.

Mike called and said that the doctor came in, and they did all agree on the intestinal infection. Jude also has the roto virus, which is probably what Emily had the other day. The combination of the two turned out to cause a huge issue which we found out did indeed cause pancreatitis. They have given Jude two doses of the special antibiotic to get rid of the intestinal issue, and so far it seems to be working. Mike said Jude looks a bit better, and is responding more. We pray he continues to improve, we were really scared yesterday. Jude's enzyme levels also dropped again, but the doctor said she is still not happy with them. The plan is to feed Jude today, and see if his levels rise or drop. They are going to redraw levels tomorrow, and then we will discuss if Jude can come home.

I will update later if I hear anymore once I get to the hospital. I am trying to keep everyone updated. I have had a few texts but it's really hard to update everything in a text, so please don't think I am rude if I respond short. Thanks for everyone's support, and concern.


Candace said...

Jenn, I don't know how I missed all this! I am so sorry and am sending prayers right now! Lord, please protect Baby Jude and heal his little body. Give his parents comfort and some peace. Bless this family and give them faith.

gilda said...

I am praying for Baby Jude and all of you to get through this. So sorry to hear he is sick,my thoughts and prayers are with you all to lift him up today and heal him completely from the sickness thats going on in Judes little body.

mom2nji said...

Still praying for him!

Pamela said...

I was sorry to read about what Jude and your family is going through. Hugs and prayers to you all from The Ibarra Family in California. God Bless Jude and each of you in this trying time.