Sunday, November 29, 2009

good, bad?

Well I am updating a lot but it keeps me sane. I really feel like we have more questions than answers. The culture for the UTI came back negative today, so they stopped the antibiotics. My major concern is they have pumped Jude full of 3 IV's, and he has had very very little urine output. Since there isn't a UTI, this is leaving me a bit baffled. This seems to be more concerning to me than the nurse, but my thought is the doctor will be very worried about it. Elevated liver enzymes with little urine output isn't good. Anyway, they couldn't get a good view of the pancreas in the sonogram so they are still assuming he has medication induced pancreatatis, and thus explains the pain, and screaming. They also saw fluid in the abdomen which the nurse said can signify liver damage, but it wasn't enough for the radiologist to be overly concerned. I said, "So in other words you guys still pretty much have no definitive idea why his liver enzymes are elevated". She replied "Pretty much" arghhhhhhhhhh!

The good news is I got Jude to take 3 ounces of Pedialyte, and he was so excited to have something to drink. He didn't even care that it was the flavorless kind, he just gulped it down. The bad news is he had another NASTY diaper right afterwards, and he is still very lethargic. My family came up here, and they thought he was medicated, nope he is just that out of it. It's not normal, and as much as I love this hospital I am beginning to think people aren't listening to me. I feel like we are a bit overlooked today because it's Sunday. I am hoping we will see his personal neurologist before I leave today. I will have to take Em home for school, and I have work tomorrow. Mike will stay up here, and then I will come up as soon as I am off, unless things worsen and then I will be up here asap.

So basically I get updates, the updates get changed, I get frustrated, and then I vent on here. Its just a bunch of guessing, what if's and maybes. Thanks for listening.

Jude did finally open his eyes earlier while eating his Pedialyte, and gave me the first half smile in awhile. In addition they have discontinued to Depakote, and I doubt Jude will be back on it. I am hoping the seizures stay away.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jenn,

I am just now getting caught up on your holiday turmoil. I am sorry that Jude is in the hospital. We are praying for a speedy, easy answer that will bring you home soon.

And, I hope Emily is feeling better now, too!

Much love from the Hendrixes!