Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween pictures, and more

I am going to share all my pictures today vs a long blog. I will write more tomorrow though because Jude has speech therapy today, and I actually get to attend. I am very excited about going to see him, and meet his therapist. It's right by my office so I am ducking out at lunch to get to spend time with him. I will let you know how it goes.

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Emily and the witch that greets our trick or treaters

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Em and Jude getting ready to go

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The monster in the box Mike made, yes it opens and closes , and has smoke

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Our yard at night time

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Em and Jude at the entrance of the haunted cemetery

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The cemetery!! You should see it at night time. The kids love it!

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All tuckered out. She loves her brother so much!


Mara said...

did Jude have a costume ???

we start speech therapy this week !

hugs !

Cjengo said...

Yes, he was a 50's guy. He had rolled up jeans, his hair done, and a white shirt, and black dress shoes.

gildaflores0521 said...

Awsome pics! Loved the yard,Emily and Jude looked so cute. Glad you were able to spend time with Jude in his speech therapy.

Candace said...

So great, Jenn! Looks like you all had a good time! when I was a kid, a neighbor down the steet sat on his porch and posed as a fake zombie. Then he would jump out at all the kids. Unfortunatly, I was the victim when I was about 5! Scared me so bad, I ran all the way back home and NEVER walked on that side of the street, passed that house as long as I lived there! (14 yrs!) LOL

Toronto staging professionals said...

Hi. You have beautiful children. It seems that you had big fun during Halloween. I like decoration of your yard. It has great Halloween atmosphere. Trick-or-treaters had to be scared. I'm little bit sad that it's over but it was time when also our family was together and we could enjoy each other.

Take care,

Colleen said...

Cool decorations for Halloween. How fun! You can tell that Jude is loved very much by her sister. He's so lucky to have her!