Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Posing with sis

I love this picture below

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It's recent, I just took it the other night. I love it because Jude looks like he is actually posing with Emily, but I know he is just smiling because she is pressing on his face. I also love all the chocolate on Emily's lips, she had been divulging in her Halloween candy.

Jude's seizures seemed rather controlled last night, but his eating decreased, and he seems like he is in a bit of a medication haze. I guess it's a give and take type situation. Last night I came to the conclusion that Jude was doing so much more last week because the medication levels were not correct. Therefore, his true self was peeking through the clouds that surround him, although it's still nothing compared to how he was with Pheno. When Jude was on pheno he didn't smile, he didn't giggle, he just would lay on his mat.

I am hoping he will seem more attentive tonight, and that when I get home I will get a report that he ate a lot more than yesterday.


Amy Genn said...

I love it when I catch a smile on camera! It's a rare thing around here! Eye contact and a smile at the same time? Priceless Miracle!


Katy said...

Great picture--I love how he's looking right at the camera. I think Charlie did that about TWICE before he was eighteen months.

I don't want to harp, but you could ask about different medications. . . I know it's scary, but I am SOOOOOO happy that we are trying something new at our house.

Candace said...

Awwww Jenn, how sweet! I love Jude's beautiful hair. It's so shiny and perfect!