Sunday, November 29, 2009

Neurologist update

Our wonderful neurologist came in, and leave it to him to just flat out say "Guys we just don't know". He explained that the levels are confusing, and their guess is he has some form on pancreatitis as they stated before. He said tomorrow they are calling for a GI consult to come and see Jude. He guesses they will then do a cat scan to rule out any internal bleeding the sonogram could have missed. He said "Jude never makes things easy", and that is so true. Jude seemed to perk up right before the neurologist came in the room, and he looks a bit better. I am hoping this lasts.

We also had another doctor come in about the urination concern. He said that he isn't overly worried about it yet, but if by morning Jude is not filling his diapers they will begin to suspect his kidneys has stopped working properly. Right after that doctor left Jude thankfully urinated some. It wasn't a lot, but we will take what we can get.

Tomorrow they are also going to do another EEG, and discuss options for other seizure medications. The neurologist said many of those medications carry greater risks so I am sad we are losing the Depakote. Although, if it turns out this is viral pancreatitis it means the Depakote didn't cause it.

So.......I was right, they just don't know. He also said everyone has differing opinions and it sounds like they are disagreeing with each other. So we will see what tomorrow brings. Em and I are about to head home, and my boys will be here. We appreciate everyone keeping up with the blog.


Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you, and I hope you all get some much-needed rest tonight. Cindy Hayre

Midwest Mommy said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated!!

Katy said...

I know you might be making big decisions soon, so let me just say that we were EXTREMELY happy with prednisone. We kept Charlie at home and he didn't get sick at all. He did get fat, but he had no other side effects and we thought the fat was cute. It was about three pounds. Good luck and I hope you guys get some answers soon.