Sunday, November 29, 2009

A quick update

Last night when we got settled into Jude's room with his very nice nurse, Mike and Em felt comfortable enough leaving. After that Jude went through his same issues of crying, then resting, like he did the night before. The nurse gave him some Motrin, and even though Jude didn't like that he finally settled down. About 2 am he fell fast asleep, and we both slept until a little after six today. He then woke back up screaming again, and they have since given him some Tylenol. I hate seeing him in so much pain, and I tried everything to calm him down. I rocked him as long as I could, but he would throw his body around to the point that it was very difficult to hang on to him. They still have the morphine on stand by, but so far we have avoided it. After the Tylenol started to work the nurse made Jude a wonderful "nest" with a pillow, and several rolled up blankets. He was finally sleeping very comfortable, but then (of course) they came in to take blood. They couldn't get the blood with the first two sticks, so they finally used a finger stick, and that was a huge mess. It breaks my heart every time they stick his little arms.

According to the nurse Jude's official diagnosis is pancreatitis, UTI, and possible liver damage. They gave him a natural medication to clean out his liver last night, and Jude seemed to handle it well. They are also giving him IV Zantac to help with his GERD. The lovely nurses also brought him a Fisher Price Aquarium for the side of his crib, and he LOVES it. The little toy will calm him down, and he will just watch it until he falls asleep.

I am unsure what the blood tests will show, but I have my guess is it won't be good due to the amount of pain Jude is still in. Jude has not had any seizure medication in almost 24 hours, and the seizures have increased, but are still not audible yet. I dread seeing the horrible jack knifing screaming fits he used to have. I am going to pray for a miracle that they will not get that bad again even without the medication. Jude is also hungry, and they won't let him have anything by mouth due to the pancreatitis. He is holding in there though, and will suck on his pacifier, which seems to soothe him.

I am sure the doctor will be around soon, so I will update more later. Jude is currently resting comfortable on his little nest, and I am hoping he gets a few more hours of sleep, and I am going to try to join him. I am not sure he will go home today like they said, and I am not sure I would feel comfortable taking him home.

All the nurses are commenting on how pretty Jude is, he is such a ladies man even when he is so sick.


Dawn said...

Keeping you and your family in my prayers that Jude starts to feel better soon.

A Girl Named Me said...

I'm sorry your sweet little boy isn't doing well. I hope both of you get some much-needed rest and answers to your questions today. xo

Midwest Mommy said...

I am out of the loop and need to catch up. I am praying for him today. You too!