Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Speech evaluation, and Scentsy

Yesterday we got Jude's speech therapy evaluation in the mail, and I am afraid it brought Mike down. He said every line was a slap in the face that Jude is not normal, and very far behind. I watched Mike throughout the night, and he seems pretty down. He would make mention of Jude's smiles wondering if his tiny grins, and his laying there on his blanket would be all he will do. We can all reply that Jude is a blessing, and we don't know what he will accomplish, and etc, BUT Mike has a right to his down moments. So I let him wonder and have his space for awhile. We then ventured upstairs and watched a funny movie in hopes he would feel better.

Today Mike got out of the house with Jude, and that made me happy. I think Jude likes to be out and about. Mike is going to visit his mom because the doctors are now saying that she did have a series of mini strokes. I swear that the world of strokes are so misunderstood because doctor's never seem to diagnose them properly. We never heard the term "stroke" with Jude until about 4 months after he was born. We just kept hearing the term "bleed". I am not medically educated, well I am now, but then I wasn't and I had no idea I should be using the term stroke.

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So last night Em was playing with Jude again and it was very cute! She was pretending like they were taking money and issuing tickets for the movies. She kept showing Jude how to give people tickets, and it seemed like Jude would try to mimick her a bit. Regardless of whether he was copying her, he was having fun because he kept smiling. This made my heart happy!!!
I will close by stating that Scentsy has their holiday line out tomorrow, and the holiday items are just wonderful. If you are interested visit They make for wonderful inexpensive gifts. You can get a large warmer + 3 bars for $40, or a plug in and three bars for $25. If you are near me I can even custom wrap in a keepsake box for a small fee. Have a wonderful day!!! Here is a recent box I made for a friend who was giving a birthday gift to his wife.

Also here is an example of one of the warmers:

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Mara said...

You are right ! Mike is allowed to have his down days ! It is way to hard to stay positive all the time ! And sometimes by thinking of the negatives, it makes the positives so much better : )


Katy said...

It's normal to have down days--especially when those evaluations come in. I hate those things.

You are very right about the word "stroke." Nobody said "stroke" to me either, but after reading and reading, I realized that that's exactly what it was.

Marie said...

Hi, I just found your blog from a link on "To The Max", I know what you mean about reading the speech therapy evaluation and you are right everyone is entitled to their down moments. I love hearing about how your daughter plays with Jude and truly enjoys it. I know that you probably are doing a ton of therapy with Jude already but have you heard of the work of Dr. James MacDonald of Ohio State University? It's called Communicating Partners and it's a very different approach to helping a child to communicate. It is very developmental, natural, and meant to be part of your daily life not one more thing to do. My son who has hydrocephalus related to his Apert syndrome has benefitted greatly since we've tried to follow this approach. You can learn more at Don't forget the 'd' between James and MacDonald. His book Play to Talk is a wonderful resource of ideas for home use. He also has a yahoo group that he actually participates in. If you'd like to learn a little about my family you can see us at