Sunday, October 25, 2009

A shower and a wheelchair

Last night we gave one of my best friends her baby shower to help welcome the impending birth of her baby girl. She is such a sweet soul that we were all very excited to give her a wonderful shower with great gifts. I wasn't able to make it early to help put together the food because of Em's softball, and it would also be difficult to keep Jude at her house for so long. So we got there about an hour early vs at noon, and I helped as much as I could. We enjoyed great conversation throughout the evening, and loved watching her open her gifts. I had spent a few weeks filling a box full of items, and a handy diaper tote too. In our house it seems I always need diaper changing items in a different room than where they are located. So this handy diaper tote seemed like a great invention so I snagged it for her. I then filled it full of diapers, wipes, bath items, etc. She seemed to really like it.

So as the night progressed I wanted to help clean up because I could feel the night progressing. I knew Jude would have to get home for his medications, and to try to follow his routine regarding bed time. I am afraid everyone was still talking so I cleaned up what I could and then we made our exit. Once in the car I told Mike I felt like a hostess failure because I had to leave early in addition to getting their late. He sat there for a moment and then just said, "Being different sucks huh?" Leave to my husband to come up with a brilliant and funny statement. I normally come back with a witty statement about how we aren't different, how life is great, etc, but this time I just said "Yep it does". I allowed myself to admit that sometimes it does suck being different. Mike mentioned how when my friend was opening all her beautiful gifts and everyone oo'd and aww'd he started thinking about Jude's wheel chair. He said he doubted anyone would say "What an adorable wheelchair, I want one just like it". So true. Plus, we both sat and listened to everyone talk about how mylicon drops, etc are a MUST have for a baby. We talked about how at three months the normal issues with babies went out the door for Jude and we learned way to much about medication.

I am NOT complaining at all because it was a wonderful night, it was just eye opening how different our lives have become. Yet when I held Jude when we got home I sure was thankful that I have him. He is such a good little boy, and just loves to be held. How many moms get to experience a baby that just loves to snuggle at a year old without them wiggling away at some point? Jude will let me hold him as long as I want to without complaint.

So all in all it was a wonderful evening. Her baby's room is one of the most beautiful room I have ever seen laced in hot pink, light pink, black, and green. Beautiful signs saying "Princess", and more are placed about the room in ingenious places. My friend is so excited that it's just adorable. I remember those moments of decorating, planning, and anticipating. It's such an exciting time in a woman's life, and I know she will be the best mom ever!


Amy Genn said...

My hubby and I have similiar conversations!
It does suck to have to live so differently - and it's OK to think so once in a while.

We can't stuff it in, all the time! :)

I am so jealous of everyone else in the world who has a healthy child. I only have one kid...and this life is all I know.

I want to experience parenthood the way I expected....and I still have a hard time dealing with that...and Eli is 4 years old.

I don't think it will ever go's just a learning process every day to accept it and find joy in our new normal...


Katy said...

You're learning to roll with the punches! Frankly, I never want to disrupt Charlie's schedule and not because of medicine or anything--for my sanity. It's so easy to disrupt Charlie's sleep schedule that i just hate to do it.

They really do need to work on making some of this euipment cuter--I was thinking the same thing when we picked out stuff for Charlie.

The Redhead Riter said...

I love your attitude. You are a blessing to your child. ♥

Candace said...

Oh Jenn, you are so right. I think we all suffer with those feelings now and again. I will say that the feelings have lessened as Faith has grown older. It is definately an uncomfortable feeling to deal with. I used to feel alot like Amy, it used to eat at me, but not so much anymore. I think I am so lucky to see a living miracle and to be that miracle's mom! Most parents never understand the things we do. Chin up, babe!