Friday, October 2, 2009

bad weather, scary moments, and wonderful moments

Let's play show and tell, about my drive home last night.

My phone rings:
Mike: Where are you?
Me: Getting on 114
Mike: There is a really bad storm coming
Me: How bad? It doesn't look that bad
{pause........driving over hill}.
Radio: If you are on 114 you need to take cover
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Me: Where did this come from? What is going on? OH MY WORD, I am driving into the mouth of HE$$!
Mike: {I am sure trying to control laughter} just pull over
Me: Ok I am running into home depot
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So I pull into home depot, and literally all the employees were out looking at the sky, and whispering to themselves. I ran in, and waited for a bit, and then left once it blew past. We really didn't get a bad storm, but the people to the East of us got hit pretty hard. It just looked terrible, but had little bite.

When I got home I walked in to find this:
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That lazy cat just loves Jude!!

Mike was again just worn out with Jude's constant crying, and Jude was napping because Mike had let him cry it out for awhile. I understand how frustrating it can be, and Mike is going to talk to the therapists about any recommendations for controlling tantrums. Also, Jude started with his new speech therapist yesterday. Mike said he was impressed with the place he took him to which was Baylor's Our House. The therapist told Mike that she believes Jude looks a lot better than many other children she sees. She is also impressed that the stroke did not render one side of Jude's mouth unmanageable. Jude's stroke was bilateral though although it was worse on one side than the other. She did believe that he has low muscle tone around his mouth, so is therefore impressed he takes a bottle so well, but that could explain the intermittent feeding problems. She informed Mike that whenever she put her finger in Jude's mouth he followed every move she made with his tongue. She said this is a great indication he will have the capability of being able to speak someday. This was great news to us! He will continue to have therapy at home, and will begin therapy at Our House on a continuous basis too. He sees the PT there next Thursday.

We did try out Jude's bath chair last night {drum roll}, he hated it! When I pulled the velcro to let him out it scared him so bad, we got the full lip quivering cry. I am sure in time, he will get used to it.

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So the great news about Emily is that she achieved Hall of Fame at her school again, and within the first six weeks! They select a small amount of students each year to be inducted into their "Hall of fame" based on attitude, schoolwork, and citizenship. Emily was selected by one of her teachers based on her creative writing skills, constant participation, high level of thinking, and for always having a smile. I am just thrilled!!!
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Tomorrow is the big smile box making party, I am hoping all goes well. My house is a mess so hopefully everyone will overlook that. My life is so busy lately.


The Redhead Riter said...

Congratulations to Emily!

Too bad about the chair, but I love the storm...LOL

Have a great weekend.

Katy said...

Hooray for Emily!

That sleeping beauty is just too cute for words although I'm hearin' Mike on the tantrum thing. We're protesting sleep big time over here and everybody's worn a little thin as a result.

Colleen said...

What a sweet picture of Jude and the cat racking out together. I hope the the tantrums get better so that you can get some zzzzz's.