Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A check up

Today was my first physical since Jude was born. I was rather surprised at how emotional I was when I arrived at the doctors office. I noticed I felt a little sad, and everything seemed very quiet. I began to remember all the bad news we received in that office last year. I remembered how I used to pull into the parking lot praying that we would get a good sonogram of Jude, and how I prayed things would miraculously resolve themselves. So I guess it was a strange feeling to deal with old emotions. Luckily everyone made me feel amazing, and all the office staff came to say hello. Dr Moser even came to see me, and asked me how Jude was. I explained he was well, but his seizures had increased today. She asked me if they every found a reason for Jude's stroke, but I just shook my head no. She then told me how she had just dealt with a set of twins being born, and one stroked out, and died. I felt terrible for the mom, and awful for the doctor too because I am sure that is a hard situation to deal with. Her point was that sometimes strokes just happen without any reason at all. I then got checked out and overall my report was pretty decent so that made me happy. My weight was "right on the money" she said, but my blood pressure was a bit high. Prior to my pregnancy I never had high blood pressure, but I admit I worked out religiously, and don't now. My heart rate was also increased, but it generally is, and it has been since Emily was born. Their explanation when Emily was born was that the increased blood flow sped up my heart, and also caused palpitations?!?. Anyway, they also took a full blood profile to make sure my platelet level is doing okay, and that my potassium is back to normal. This will be the first blood profile I have had since right after Jude was born when they were checking for the resolution to the ITP. I also had one other issue arise from the cosmetic surgery I had that the doctor ROYALLY *&@( (refraining from cussing) messed up. I have complained about that before on here, and it's now rearing it's ugly head again Maybe insurance will pay to fix it, but I doubt it. Have I mentioned I dislike that doctor??? Just wondering. Anyway, I was overall pleased to see everyone that helped with Jude's delivery.

I thought about going next door to the perinatologists office to explain to them what happen, but I ran out of time. Mike said he was going to take Jude by their office next week, so I will let him provide the explanation.

As I mentioned Jude's seizures have increased, and they suddenly changed in presentation. They are becoming more violent again, but they just look different. Just is not responsive during the seizure, and they are lasting a bit longer. I put a call into the doctor who said that he believes the medication needs to be adjusted for his new weight, but that infantile spasms can morph into the full tonic seizures. Regardless of whether that is happening the medication change should work. I asked the doctor if there was ever any hope that Jude might be seizure free, but he just replied "that's up to Jude and his body".


Candace said...

Ahh Jenn, I can sympathize with you, as we have been going through similar circumstances with Faith in the last week. They had her on Klonopin over the weekend which really stunk! Faith used to have hand tremors when she was a baby, I remember noticing them during her first Easter. Thank The Lord, they have subsided but unfortunately her seizures have not.

nitrile exam gloves said...

I am so sad to hear about Jude...but I am sure yon will have your sun filled days soon.