Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh lots of information, and a cute video

WOW, what a busy day at work I had to take a break for a minute. I would like to share with you a video from last night, and explain the significance to it. Jude was in the midst of a hard seizure, and I was holding him to comfort him. Mike came over and started kissing Jude on the head. Jude was still opening his mouth in a repetitive manner, but overall seemed to come out of the seizure. It's like Mike was able to change how Jude's brain was responding, and this was the result.

We were questioning if his laugh was a part of his seizure, but I don't believe it was. His arms had stopped contracting, he was focusing, and we were happy.

I have more great news, Jude's kid kart is in, and we are getting it tomorrow!!! I am very excited. Also, he saw his new PT today at Baylor our house. She was concerned about Jude's legs, and his feet curling a bit, therefore she is starting the process for a stander. We feel very blessed by this because I know they are very expensive. She explained that she can tell we work with Jude a lot, and that due to his tone she believes he will someday stand. WOW, that would be the miracle we have hoped for. She told us to be patient, and that in time she believes this will happen. A big thanks to my husband for always getting Jude to his appointments.

I would like to ask for everyone's help if possible. Christie's Cookies is holding a contest for the most nominated charity in the nation. They have several monetary prizes they are giving out to help fund their charities. Please go to: you will have to enter the name of her charity, and that she is in Dallas, TX. Thank you for your help!!!

I would like to close this post today by discussing a rather serious topic. Last night I watched the show "Prom night in Mississippi" and I was appalled. This show was based on the towns two proms, they hold a white prom, and a black prom. This was the first time they were discussing integrating the proms, and having one large prom. At first I was just listening to the show from the bathroom and I had to walk out to see what year they were referencing that this took place. I figured they were discussing 1958, no it was 2008!!!!

I was brought up to see no difference in color. In fact when I was only 5 I was on a hayride that was attacked by the KKK due to our driver. My father pushed me down into the wagon, and picked up a very large stick, that's all I remember. I remember my mother telling me that God put everyone on this Earth, and we are all equal. I took that to heart because when she passed away the woman across the street watched me. I remember getting very angry that one of her children told me I wasn't black so she wouldn't play with me. I told her there is NO black and white, only ignorant and non ignorant people (I had repeated my moms words) got in trouble!

Anyway, my point is I was disgusted. I couldn't believe the parents who formed groups to stop the integration, that they held the "white" prom anyway, and that the one interracial couple was shunned by her own father. I just don't understand it. I guess I am just very naive in thinking that racism doesn't happen. I guess I lived in my own happy world with my Hispanic husband, and I thought everyone else lived there too. SIGH! Makes me angry! Oh and the comments about "Well I am not racist, but I don't want them dancing together" Buddy you are racist!!!!!!!!!!!! So that was rather long winded, but well I had to get that off my chest.


andrea said...

jude is so cute. he is growing up so fast. it is great that jude is receiving all the help he deserves.

It was funny to read your comments on racism. i went to college down south, and first heard of separate proms at that time. Being from jersey, i was shocked, but not surprised, especially when very racist words were used daily.

when greg and i started dating, i was faced with discrimination never experienced before. still to this day, people look at us up and down. The best was when a co-worker told me that he didn't think he would like greg......but he is a decent person, and then driving with another co-worker who used the "n" word in front of me...after realizing who he said it to.

i have stopped fighting the small minded, and we just focus on teaching our children to have tolerance.

Priscila said...

wow! I just found your blog and read your story! What a wonderful person you are to not terminate Jude. He is a blessing and he is so beautiful. I had to go to a specialty place for my second pregnancy also because my sons gall bladder was too big. It wasnt a big deal but they made it seem like it was. SO I know how it is with all those thoughts of ...what should I do and what ifs. Im praying for you and Jude!!!