Friday, October 9, 2009


This was Jude "playing" with Emily, and her friend Madison. Mike was pretending like Jude was punching them when they tried to kiss him. Jude smiled a lot and seemed to enjoy the kid time. Sometimes I wonder if he understands in anyway what is going on. Is it merely that someone was holding him lifting his arms, or does her understand he is playing with the girls. He seemed like her understood. Also, later that night I had gotten the "joy stick" out from his sensory box, and when I placed his hand on the stick he would move it, and look at it intensely. He couldn't make his had go back once it fell off, but he seemed to understand this object had a function.

Today Jude gets his kid kart, and I will be sure to take lots of pictures. Emily has her big smile box drop off tomorrow, so we are also gearing up for that.

I am rather tired today, and rather down so I am not going to post much. It's been one of those days, and a rather sleepless night. Have a good weekend, and I will post a lot of pictures from the weekend on Monday.


Jennifer said...

I am sorry you were bummed today. At least it's Friday and you will have a couple of days of rest - hopefully! Take lots of pictures at the drop off and I am so looking forward to seeing pics about his new kart!

dannette said...

Please keep believing that Jude does know he is playing and doing all the things he is part of! We have a little one with severe special needs and I insist that in our world people have to believe she understands. Any skeptics can take a hike, as I want her to know that we are rooting for her to the moon and back!

Ellen said...

Hey. I hope you get some rest. That is such a cute picture! Listen, I am sure that Jude understands play. He does! I promise you, too, that his comprehension will continue to grow and grow.

Please take care of yourself!