Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eeyore, may I borrow your cloud?

I am in a funk! I am and it's not like me, I need to get out of it. I am normally pretty upbeat, and try to see the good side of everything in life. As I have stated before my husband has nicknamed me Snow White, because I try to see the good in everything. Lately I feel more like Eeyore! I am just tired I think. I feel like I get up every single day go to work, come home and work, and fall into bed with little or no time for anything else. I get to see my kids for about two hours, and that's it. Then when I when realize I am being mopey I feel bad because I am one of the lucky ones that has a great job right now. I really want a vacation, and I am TIRED of not having any money. I miss shopping, I miss going out to dinner, I miss movies, I miss dressing up, I just miss a lot, and am just whiney OK? Just grrrrrr. I am thankful for my life, for Jude, and for everything around me, but I am in a funk, and I need to get out of it.

Jude did well again last night, and is such a little joy to be around lately. He is smiley, and really tries to communicate. He kept pushing up on his arms again, and looking around. His head would fall, but he still made an attempt to locate the person he was looking for. Jude also got a crawler from ECI, but it's a strange contraption that is a bit difficult to use. The only time I put him in it I nearly choked the poor fellow so I have not tried since. It's nice though, and it came with a cute Disney tray that I have been using with his yellow chair. Jude still has very little control over his hands, but if you place an object between his fingers he will try to maneuver it to his mouth. I hope someday he will lean to use his arms a bit more. Mike told me he did grab his foot this morning, and was laughing. I wish I could have seen him, but I was thrilled to hear this. Also, Jude has discovered his boy parts, boys will be boys, I swear! I am glad he has discovered them though because there is thought process there. I guess it's equivalent to Mike saying he didn't even care if Jude cursed as long as he talked eventually.

So does anyone watch Oprah? I TIVO her, and watch her show every night. Last night they had a show about mothers who drink, and then drive children around. This prompted me to have a long talk with Emily last night about being able to stand up to adults in necessary situations. I explained that I may have wine at home, but I never would drive afterwards, and she should expect the same from all adults. I told her to never be afraid to call mommy to come get her if she felt uncomfortable riding with someone. I was then intently watching the story regarding the recent tragedy in New York where the mother had been drinking and smoking pot, and hit another car head on. The whole story sounded strange though, and made me question what happened. I am sure if the toxicology reports stated she was drunk, and high than I am sure she was, and what a SHAME. Although she had left on an hour and a half drive back home, and had been seen at a McDonalds, and a gas station. She had walked into the gas station to buy an over the counter pain reliever, and both places said the lady seemed fine. She also held several phone conversations where she sounded fine. 45 minutes later one of the children called to say the mother was acting confused, lost, and not herself. FORTY FIVE minutes later!!! Right after that she drove head on into another car because she was going the wrong direction. They did find a bottle of vodka in her car which was supposedly her husbands, but to my knowledge no marijuana. If her THC was 133 the equivalent to "just smoking" then where in the heck did the pot come from??? Like I said the show stated it was 45 minutes later. Something just sounds off. Is it possible she ingested something? I am sure there is more to this story, and I am curious as to what it is. Regardless it's a sad tragedy!

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Colleen said...

I'm sorry your feeling down in the dumps lately. I hope you can find some rest and relaxation soon! The story on oprah was interesting. It makes you wonder what really happened there.

Katy said...

It's OK to be mopey sometimes! We all have our moments.

It is so good that you talked to Emily about that stuff. As a kid, my parents never drank, so it never occured to me that other parents might have been drinking. I was so naive.