Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do I see progress?

Latley we have noticed a difference in Jude. He seems more attentive and more determined to try new things. The following are the things I have noticed.

1. He is really trying to roll over, and even though he has not been able to accomplish this task he keeps trying

2. He can hit his red button or his toggle switch on his toys to make them move on a repetitive basis.

3. He gets very excited when I get home, or walk up talking to him after he has been alone for a bit. His legs wiggle very fast, and his arms seem to go up a bit like he wants to be held.

4. He is making more verbal sounds

5. He throws tantrums based on what he wants, how he wants to be held, and what he doesn't like.

6. He turns his head 100% towards the person that is talking

7. He will turn his head if you call his name

and many other items. The only thing he is not making progress on is eating solids, although I have seen all these vast improvements since we started giving him more pediasure. Jude is still having seizures, but they are still more controlled than they ever were. He has a few small spasms a day, and normally one long seizure. I sometimes wonder what more he could accomplish if he wasn't afflicted by epilepsy. I am very proud of him though, and we will continue to get him the necessary therapy he needs to continue to succeed.


Candace said...

Jenn, the what if's are terrible. I will say that they get "less" worse as time goes on. I am so glad to hear Jude is doing some new things. They are what keep us going!

Katy said...

Charlie is still pretty lousy about looking when people say his name. I know he hears them--I can tell by the way his eyes move--but he doesn't turn his head. He just listens. I'm working on improving that right now.

Anonymous said...

Gooooo Jude!!!!!

Yippee for all your new accomplishments! We are so proud of you!

The Hendrixes
(Parker, Amy, Jeff & Jordan)

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Well done Jude. All Finnian does is raise his eyebrow with a look "You talking to me!!"