Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My doctor called me yesterday to confirm information regarding the blood they were taking today. They explained that several of the tests they want to perform cannot be handled within their office. So therefore, they sent me to Baylor hospital today. I wasn't aware this was an entire out patient type function I was going to?!? They took ELEVEN viles of blood people.........I FELT WOOZIE. Anyway, they then performed a bleeding time test. That test consisted of them using the puncture instrument they use in a PKU and then timed how long it took for the blood to clot. The women were very nice, but I felt a bit like a guinea pig because I was a teaching took today. It seems most of the women there had never gathered the "platelet" test so they all gathered around to watch. Of course right when I have a plethora of strangers standing around my bedside my stomach makes a sound that resembled Godzilla's roar! So the nice head nurse sent me home with some graham crackers which gave me a laugh. So now I sit and wait until my doctors appointment on Wed 2/4. On that date I will learn if any issue with my blood caused Jude's stroke. If I do have a factor V deficiency, or anything else than it will give us an indication on any direction we need to take with him. It will also shed light on anything I might need to do for myself such as aspirin, non aspirin, non birth control, etc. Then again as the nurse reminded me today there very well may be no known cause for Jude's stroke.
Mike called earlier to let me know that Jude had a mild seizure. Today is his first day of adding the additional topamax in the morning so we are hoping it helps. Mike and Jude stopped by after Gymboree today so I got to see my little slobber monster this afternoon. He is getting so big to me. Mike said he did well in Gymboree as usual. Now we brace for the impact of therapy sessions, and doctors next week. I feel like next week is the true start to the path we are about to go down. I am crossing my fingers for a seizure free night, and a night of sleep.....I am TIRED.

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Bronx Cataldo's said...

Hope you are feeling better after the blood draw. Took Finny last week and in 2 different blood draws they took 7 vials.
There is a beautiful song by Karen Taylor Good called The life that has chosen me. Its a song for us parents of special need children