Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice day

Well at 5:15 this morning I received a rotary call from Emily's school that NWISD was closed due to inclement weather. We had been up since 4 when Jude had a seizure so I was not surprised because we had been watching the news. I went into work until about 1:30, and then my boss let us go. We were all concerned that the impending ice conditions could make our drive home treacherous. Luckily my boss is pretty good about letting us go once we see that it is indeed going to ice. So I got to go home, and play with the kids for awhile which consisted of me coo'ing at Jude, and Em running out with friends. Yep, that's right mom was left in the dust again. She also said I am "Crazy" because I call things the wrong name like her friend Casen gets mixed up with Keegan, Addison with Madison, and Camera with phone. I told her to get used to it because that is a part of getting older. I told her my grandmother calls me every grandchild and daughters name before she finally gets to me. This sounds a bit like Candace, Caron, Docia, Sarah, Lawren, I mean JENNIFER.... there ya go! ;). I know anyone reading this has probably been in that situation. My ex husbands grandmother had so many grandchildren that she would just slap the closest one on the head and say "That's for that one over there acting up". She used to CRACK me up, such a funny lady! Anyway the point is I am getting older and get my words mixed up, misplace keys, and more.
So Em had a friend over earlier, and I was sitting on the couch holding Jude when I noticed he began twitching. His eyes began to roll a little, and I sent Emily upstairs to ask Mike when Jude had his last dose of Klonnopin. Turns out he could have another dose so I got the klonnopin in him, and he went into a full seizure. It was a violent one, and I felt sorry that Emily's friend experienced the seizure. She seemed very curious though, and did not seem disturbed. She explained to me that Emily had told her what the seizures were like, and that they do not hurt Jude. I assured her that was correct, and described each cluster as getting shocked from a cord you plug into the wall. That seemed to make perfect sense to her. Mike then ran her friend home, and on the way I called her mom to give her heads up regarding what happened. Her mother seemed very understanding, but I still feel bad that another child had to experience what happened. So Jude is currently sleeping soundly on the couch next to us. Em asked why Jude falls fast asleep after a seizure, and I reminded her that is equivalent to a very hard work out.
So it looks like our weather may prevent Em from going to school again tomorrow. I am hoping it clears though because Jude's big neuro appt is tomorrow at two.

I do have to take a second to reference something I read on Ellens blog today regading her son Max. She said she was looking back on how dismal things seemed when her son when he was little. It turns out he too was diagnosed with Microcephaly (casued from a stroke) which is basically a small head, and small brain. She made reference to the fact that Albert Einstein had a small head.......in note he also had ventricumegaly (sp?).. (I guess they kept his brain?!?!). She mentioned how she was always insistent at doctors appointments that they measure her sons head. Although now she focuses on the child, and not the diagnosis. GOOD FOR HER.... Ellen you are an inspiration. I too have decided that is the best route to go. Sometimes I cannot help having fears, and looking at all the documents the doctor gives us with little hope. Although, the other night we broke the tape measure for Jude's head.......on purpose. We KNOW his head will measure small, we KNOW he has issues, but we also know Jude is his own little purpose and has already proven so many doctors wrong! We believe in Jude, and not the papers.

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Ellen said...

Good riddance to that tape measure!
Listen, it is so much harder to know pay attention to the papers when you have an infant because so much is unknown. I am glad you are trying. Things get so much easier as your child gets older, and you see development, and you accept the challenges/shortcoming and no longer see them as such.

It really is a journey. It does get better as time goes by. That first year is the hardest, and I am really glad to be able to share my own experiences. I wish I'd had other bloggers to reach out to then.