Saturday, January 3, 2009

Interesting data!

For those mothers raising children affected by an in utero, at birth, or early strokes I am sure you have read the following article. Bear with me though because it was my first time reading it, and I would like to share it with others that read my blog. I have read so much on strokes in children that it all begins to run together, but I found this article VERY informative. I have a tendency to search for "reasons" why this happened....something I did....or a failure on my part. I tend to be an internet and article junkie because I try to learn everything I can regarding our new situation. I think Jude's situation is still a bit different because his brain was so affected by the stroke, but the reference to stimulating other parts of the brain is fascinating to me. It makes me want to push as hard as I can for pediatric stroke awareness.

So without further delay maybe this article will shed more light on Jude's situation. I found it in the Stroke Smart Magazine, and it's named "Newborn stroke risk" by Verna Noel Jones : Please click the link to read it

Another interesting article I found on the same website follows the story of Heathers son Jacob who is the head of one of my support forums. She and her son give me hope in future abilities, my family, my marriage, and coping with life in general. Thanks Heather!

Have a wonderful night everyone!


Ellen said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've started reading back through your posts, you have been through so, so much this past year. I hope you've found blogging cathartic, I have. Thanks for posting the article, I hadn't read it. Everything it says is so true--babies brains ARE plastic, and even if doctors give you the worst outcome, they cannot tell you how Jude will turn out. The first year is the hardest, you're just so sick with worry about your child's future. It gets better, I promise you. And I know Jude will surprise you. Max surprised, and amazed, us.

Cjengo said...

Thank you Ellen. I believe I mentioned your blog awhile ago because it was so inspirational to me. Thank you for visiting Jude's story, and yes I do find blogging very theraputic. Thank you for posting your blog because its helped me so much.