Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well something is going our way!!! With a little advice from a friend we were able to get Jude moved up on the Medically dependent children's program in TX. Since he is having severe seizures he qualified to be moved up the list! We now have an appointment next Tuesday. This is such good news since there was a wait of 11,000!!!!!!!! I was told that this program goes off Jude's assets not ours. It's put in place to help those who make a living not go under from a crisis, and to help the children. It helps keep the children out of nursing homes, and provide equipment for them. That's my understanding right now anyway.........I am sure other mothers that have been through this can add to that and explain it much better. I am just thrilled we heard from them. It's rather strange how you learn about all these departments and places that provide help when you encounter a situation like Jude's. I never would have known about them, and I am not sure if I should be ashamed of that, or grateful I never had to know before.

ps. Mara I cannot access your blog anymore :(. I am wanting to check on you guys.


andrea said...

I am so glad that you are getting the help that Jude needs...it is so important to get the early intervention that you mentioned. i continue to think and pray for Jude and hope for many better days a head.

Lisa said...

I agree...early intervention is so essential. They told us around age 2 that Matthew was showing signs of autism and I FREAKED. We had him in everything the state offered. Speech came to the house and OT. The day after he turned 3, he was going to the Early Childhood Center for school in our district. Everything was free but of course every state is different. He turns 9 in six days and is still in speech tx and has extra help with his reading and his test and struggles with comprehension big time! So, I am a huge advocate of intervening early! I am encouraged that he is able to follow so well to your voice and the bubbles. Keep up the good work!!