Monday, January 26, 2009


Let's start this blog with saying I am exhausted today!

Jude and I went to bed about 11pm. Jude was a bit of a night owl last night, and once he had one last bottle he finally gave up and went to sleep. At around 12:30 I started dreaming that Jude was having a very loud seizure. It turned out that it wasn't a dream I was just somehow incorporating his sounds into what I was dreaming. So I woke up and flew out of bed to whisk Jude from his bassinet. Mike was still awake upstairs so he came running down as Jude's yells grew louder and louder. Once we administered his Klonnopin they started to slow down, and we finally got him back to sleep. We settled down into bed only to be woken up at 2 by Emily complaining of a headache, and running a slight fever. I really think this was just allergies, and she was under to many blankets. So I gave her some motrin, and again went back to sleep. I was then woken up again at 4 by Jude who decided he was hungry,restless, and was breathing a little funny. So Mike got up very frustrated and gave Jude a bottle. We then settled in again, and the dogs woke us up, then Em got up again, the Jude's breathing, then the cat was at the door, and well I finally called Sarah and said "I am going to be a little late". So I got Jude into the bassinet, Em on the bus (because she seemed better), the cat locked out of the room, and we fell asleep for an hour. I needed at least an hour to function properly at work.
So I guess Jude did technically make it with only 1 seizure yesterday, but it's that one that just kills us. He has a busy week in store for him, and I will let everyone know how therapy goes. I have been really worried about our little online friend Gage, but I found his caring bridge site and see he is doing better. I have been so wrapped up in our situation I had not discovered his site, and feel a little guilty for that. I need to get back to work.

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