Sunday, January 25, 2009


Is it strange that I am both so thankful for a job to go to tomorrow, and at the same time dreading my normal Monday morning schedule?? I sometimes wish I could just hang out with Jude all day like I did on maternity leave. Regardless, like I said I am very thankful that I have an enjoyable good paying job. So Hi ho Hi ho its off to work I go :).

So I do have to say with sympathy that Sarah's friend passed away this afternoon. I am sorry for her friend, and her friends family. Its sad to lose a mother early in life, and I wish I had all the right words to make them feel better. Although I know from experience that words cannot help when someone you love passes, but assured her that I feel my mom around any time I need her. Sometimes I feel her around me just because I think she is wanting to hang out with us. Sarah said she would pass that message along, and I hope it helps in any capacity it can.

So this morning we added Emily to our bunch in the bed watching TV, and it was great. We all lay there hanging out, and not in a hurry for anything. Jude even cracked a bit of a smile when Mike was zipping up his jammies after a diaper change. We then realized in our slumber after his diaper change that Jude DID NOT WAKE UP at 4m with a seizure! Mike looked at me in anticipation and said "this could be the day babe....this could be our seizure free day". We went through the day, and it wasn't until about 4 that Jude did in fact suffer a loud violent seizure. We were sad, but on the other hand still felt like we had made progress. It is now 10pm, and Jude has still not had another one. So we are still thankful that we have only had 1 seizure today, and even got a a little smile that we have truly missed.

So I just got a jar of mixed nuts out of the pantry for a snack, and realized in horror that someone had eaten all the pecans out of the mix. I looked at Mike and told him of my findings, and all I received was a quick look to the left and a "I don't know who could have done such a thing". lol! He then fished the final pecan out of the very bottom of the jar, and brought it to me. I smiled. We are going through so much with Jude, and we have a long way to go an amazing family. I have one of those passionate happy marriages that you hear about and I am happy for that.

So on another note..........Mike ran into an old friend today. Mike used to own a company that went under after 9/11, and this friend worked with him. During his friends interim at the company he had a young child that was killed in a car wreck. Mike was devastated because he was so close to the boy and his family. His friend had another child so that gave them a reason to cling to to go on. It seems since that time they have added additions to their family. It just so happens one of their additions is a little girl that is suffering from Infantile spasms with no known cause. Luckily they have controlled them, but their daughter is delayed. It's so unfair after losing a child they would have to contend with the horrible issue of seizures. Although, it's so strange that after all this time someone Mike runs into someone he was so close to and they too are competing with 1 of the issues we are. Mike said he told his friend that he now truly believes God does give these children to certain people, and he is honored to be one of the chosen ones. Sometimes Mike says the most profound things and he make me so proud of him.

Tomorrow is Jude's first official ECI therapy day. I will let you know how that goes. I am tired and rambling so I am off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

I too believe that special babies are born to special families. Jude is so fortunate to have you, Mike & Em!
Good to hear about the seizure free day!!! I hope this trend continues.

Amy Hendrix (TurtleMom)