Thursday, January 29, 2009


What I wouldn't pay for this to be Friday. Anyway, I am alone at work today so I am just going to post a few quick photo's and a quick update. Jude did have another seizure this morning about 5am so it seems he is picking up the schedule he had before. I am hoping that the new increase in topamax will help control these additional break throughs. I just wonder how much we can go up on the medication before we will have to switch again.

So we all know that it was very cold yesterday in the great state of Texas! Mike has his head shaved right now so he was wearing a hat to keep himself warm. Well I decided to put Jude's hat on too so they were twins. Here are some pics.

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And Em ........ she was suppose to be asleep!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful family!
- TurtleMom

Patti said...

Just beautiful!

Lisa said...

Precious pictures! Love the twin hats!

andrea said...

i love baby jude...he is an angel.