Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have a habit of reading CNN online. You can call me a nerd, but I do stay up with our wordly news. While surfing through CNN I found this link:

Yet again another lesson for me to understand that someone else is always going through a harder time than I am. I am also in awe at the strength these families display by sharing their stories to help others. It's strange I came across this today, and I am not sure why I was inspired to click on this link. Maybe it's because I am about to see my maternal grandmother from Missouri. When Jude was officially diagnosed at Cooks Childrens she was so worried for us. She let a lot of emotion flow out of her that I had never heard before. Over the phone she was choked up and said "When I lost your mom Jennifer it literally took me 8 years to not think of her every hour every of single day!". She fell into a depression, and was so upset. So she knows what it's like to have loss in her life, and what it means to have hope. My family on both sides has seen a lot of turmoil, and a lot of loss. Which is another reason why I feel Jude is here. Maybe he was sent to restore our faith in hope and love. Regardless of how his situation turns out we are grateful for the time we have with him.

Sorry to post again today, but this link really struck a cord with me. Have a safe Sunday, and hug your families!

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andrea said...

i went to the link you had in your blog today, and thought to myself...yes, there is always someone worse off...but then i thought, you will have jude with you for MANY years to come. I pray that you will NEVER be a parent who buries their son. I am so optimist for you, and continue to think of baby jude.