Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

So I have gathered myself up from last night, and I am doing better. I brushed off the bad vibes, and put on positive vibes. Being at home with Mike and Jude have definitely helped with my emotions. Em is still at her dads, but I did talk to her this morning and she is doing well. I love hearing her little voice on my phone whenever she calls because she is just so cute.

Seeing as it is the New Year I decided to list out certain aspects of life I would like to tackle. I am not going to list that they are "New Years Resolutions" because those tend to be broken. Therefore, I am just going to call them my New Years goals.

So here we go:

1. Work on finding a new neurologist that we like as much as the neurosurgeon and pediatrician. Finding doctors that we respect has been a difficult task. As you have read from prior blogs I will not tolerate doctors who fail to hold a true interest in you or your child.

2. Get these extra ten pounds of baby weight off my behind by working out at lunch time.

3. Work on getting a grant from the government to finish my psychology degree. From there I will look at tackling a masters degree so we will never have to worry about funds, and medical bills again. I had great grades in college, and I plan to tackle this head on. When I put my mind to something it generally can be accomplished.

4. Work on selling more life insurance... which is what I still make commission on. Therefore, I can use that money for a vacation instead of sending it all to Baylor, Cooks, and the! I would like to take our kids on a vacation of some sort. We may not be able to go to far yet until we get Jude's seizures under control, but they should get relax time. Maybe even camping?

5. To work as hard as I can at my current position at work because I think my boss truly deserves that for all he has done.

6. To be the best friend, and family member I can be.

7. To be a loving understanding wife, and a great mom!

So what are your New Years goals?? I would love to know?

4 comments: said...

I'm pretty sure 5,6 & 7 are already accomplished! I hope the docs can find a way to get Jude's seizures under control. This just has to be so hard and I can't even imagine what seeing your baby go through this is like. I think this year I would hope....
1. To be the most loving and supporting mom and friend I can be without being bossy!
2. To definatley stop watching the Biggest Loser and get on the treadmill.
3. Keep on not smoking! 1-12-09 will be 1 year!
4. Learn everything I can about how to care for Baby Gage so my daughter and her hubby can get out and have fun since they have been at the hospital everyday since
5. To be able to go somewhere, anywhere past the Indiana state line! Preferably....Florida!

Perhaps should take this blog and turn it into a book...........just a thought, you write from the heart which is why it captivates those who read it!
Hugs to all of you!

Linda said...

You've already accomplished 6 & 7, so you can concentrate on the rest! : ) I'm so excited about you getting your degree... I know this is something that will be perfect for you and I know that you can do it!!! Happy 2009, love you!

Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I do keep up on Baby Jude and your family through your blog. I pray every night for his health and your strength! I am positive you will see great things from Jude! =)

As far as New Years Goals-I honestly, haven't made any yet!

Amalia said...

Hi Jen, I am Amalia from JM (I uset to post in the Sept DDC as Bluebayou)

I have been keeping up to date on your little Jude. I never got the chance to tell you but he is absolutely beauftiful, your whole family is! I am sorry all this is happening but hang in there, it looks like you are doing an amazing job holding everything together. I know this isnt any consolation but when Hughie was born at not even 25 weeks, the doctors told me every day almost that he wouldnt make it through the night, he proved them wrong day after day. He was recently diagnosed with a sever hearing loss. I know that Hughies issues dont come close to Judes but as a mother I know your pain. All I can say is keep praying and know that miracles do happen because Jude and Hughie are both here, today, right now and thats what important. Keep an open mind and keep your optimism! Like I said miracles do happen! Your son is so beautiful. I know I live very far from you but if there is ever anything you need, even if its a shoulder to cry on I am here! my email is If you ever want to talk or need anything...let me know...