Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Jude seemed a bit better today, but still cranky at times. He is also still not eating to his full potential. So I did go ahead and take him to the sitter, but I went over there on lunch to see him. He had one of his fits while I was there when I was trying to feed him. So I decided that Jenn PhD was going to come out and take charge! I gave him 1/4 tsp of Mylanta and asked Mike's mom to wait and then feed him. I called back and hour later and he was fine. Soooooo, I told her before each feeding give him the mylanta. I then called the dr just to make sure I had the dosage right, and sure enough they said it would be fine. They even suggested giving it after the feeding if he needed it. I really think this will make a huge difference. I also started charting his head growth on charts I found. I was told he slipped from the 25th percentile to the 5th at his two month check up. I am not showing that! I am showing he has held steady at the 3% mark. So his head is small, but still tracking on the curve the way it should. We go see the Neurosurgeon 12/19 and we will receive another evaluation. They will then determine the need for the MRI. I have noticed Jude is using his hands a bit more so I think he is discovering they are there. He puts them near his mouth, clasps them together, etc. Em went with Jude today to help watch him, and she has done wonderful. She text me pic earlier telling me they were watching Peter Pan together.
SOOOO, everything else is going pretty well. I am still tired from the driving each day, but that should be alleviated soon when Mike gets a truck. I still worry over the med bills, but I figure the hospital is happy to get any money in our economy. I am also enjoying my job again even though I am really not wanting to call renewals today. So I put them aside and decided to do them tomorrow so I will not cheat and do them properly (ha). I am looking forward to a long holiday weekend.
Everyone stay safe!

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