Friday, November 14, 2008


Well let me first start with the explanation of yesterday and then we will get into today's disaster and why I needed a glass of wine at 9:30am. Anyway, so yesterday Mike and I both leave work early, and get home to take Jude to the doctor. We knew to leave early because the traffic going to downtown Fort Worth is ridiculous. We talked on the way to the doctor about his hydrocele issue, and what they may do. I also told Mike that when I originally called this specialist to set the appointment the lady that answered the phone was less than professional. I had told her what was going on, and that I was referred. She then told me the soonest appt they had was Thursday and I took that without delay. I then asked her "will there be an issue with waiting or anything I should watch for?". She replied, "I just TOLD you the soonest I could get you in is Thursday". I was rather stunned at her reaction and again repeated my question, and she raging with irritated tone replied with her same answer. I then said "I UNDERSTAND that I am simply asking if there is an issue with waiting, and WHAT should I look for". So she said she would "just have a nurse call me back". The nurse did in fact promptly return my call, but I was then with a client. She left me a voice mail that said "I received your message, but we cannot get you in quicker than Thursday". At this point I don't EVEN want to go to this specialist and I call her back infuriated. "I didn't ask to get moved up quicker! I asked if I should look for anything on Jude that would constitute a medical emergency while we wait!". She then apologized and said the message she received was that I wanted to move my appointment up. I replied "I know that's what you got because the woman working your phones needs to go to communication school!!" She then stated there was nothing to look for, and he would be fine. Ok now skip ahead to yesterday, and we are still sitting in traffic...... and I suddenly realize this traffic is even worse than usual. Our appt is at 4:30, and at 4:20 I grow a little panicked. I knew we were only 10-15 mins away and I thought I should call the doctors office as a courtesy. Below is our conversation (and no I am not joking nor exaggerating in any manner).
I remember the entire conversation

Me: Hello, this is Jennifer Ortiz and we have an appt today......
lady: (interrupts) date of birth
Me: It's for my son
lady: (sigh) his date of birth
Me: I give that to her
Lady: Ok you have an appt today at 4:30 with so and so how can we help you?
Me: I am afraid I am stuck in traffic, I am about 15 mins away I just wanted to let you know
Lady: um ok
Said lady passes me to another lady
Lady #2 ~ Where are you at
Me: Belknap getting to Rosedale
Lady : Well the doctor has an appt today (she then sits there)
Me: Ok well what does that mean? Does that mean I should not come because I may be a few mins late?
Mike: (chimes in) Oh that doctor is SEEING my son!
Me: shhhh
Lady : Well I am just saying the dr has an appointment today.
Me: and AGAIN what does that mean? What do you want me to do?
Lady: Where are you again?
Me: I am on Rosedale we just broke free of traffic. I will be there shortly
Lady: Do you have your paperwork?
Me: What paperwork?
Lady (sighs) Um the paperwork we sent you
Me: Well if you had SENT me paperwork I would have it, but you didn't so no
Lady: So you don't even have your paperwork with you
Me: (now about to kick someones ass) No because YOUR office didn't send me any they simply took the info over the phone and told me to get our sonogram which I did. Now I have been on the road for over an hour trying to get to you and I expect to see this doctor. I understand we all have situations with work when we need to get out of the office but I am not even late yet"
Mike: Um someone is SEEING my kid
Me: My husband is upset with this situation and will want to come speak to the doctor
Lady: Look if he comes in here creating a scene I will call the police
Me: Um really? anyway what do you want us to do
Lady: You will have to be here by 4:40 or he will not see you today
Me: We are pulling up. (I hang up)

I walk in the door at 4:32 and ............ drum roll.............there are 2 other patients before us still waiting. We are the last patients of the day so we did not mess with their appts at all. We wait OVER AND HOUR to see the doctor that imposed a time limit on us. I was 2 mins late that's it! So I asked the doctor if he knew what his phone rep said and he in a very dry voice said "Yes, I did." I replied "Did you know we were right around the corner" and he said "Yes, but I think we are very malleable regarding those circumstances. We are victims of our own success". At that point I wanted to ring is little neck and shove his wikipedia laced brain into his butt, but I didn't. I figured it wasn't even worth my time because here sat an over educated pompous ass who has no regard for anyone else. So I looked at him and simply said "I understand." I then made reference in a very eloquent sentence that I have seen the majority of medical specialists within the Dallas/FT Worth metroplex. Therefore, I am becoming a bit of a professional when it comes to properly referring physicians around our area, and that half of a referral should be based on office service and he failed. He was obviously well educated, and very detailed oriented, but I don't need to be treated like I am less than human. He also stated that he required for his patients to be in his waiting room at least 30 mins prior. For what I wondered?? Just in case he is running ahead of schedule? So basically everyone needs to accommodate HIS life. So guess what folks: HE IS FIRED! F-I-R-E-D! I will find another urologist for my son. He did look Jude over and said there was something I should have been looking for which was a lump or a red swollen tender place by his groin. So his nurse was wrong about not having anything to look for. He said he was not convinced that the fluid in his testicle was going back to his abdomen so therefore to keep a watch of the lump. Then he is hoping the fluid would disappear prior to one year of age, and if not they would want to operate. He won't be operating on my kid though.
So we finally leave, and get to pay $45 for him to tell us basically nothing and for being treated like crap. We fight the ft worth traffic and head back towards our country area. I drop Mike and Jude at the house, and proceed to Emily's softball game where I am hoping she is winning. As stated last night though they weren't and we got stuck in a double header. Em was thrilled to see me, and my dad was so sweet to take her. So throughout her game my phone keeps ringing and the girls around me are cracking up. The first call

Mike: The baby is crying
Me: Babies do that
Mike: well he won't let me put him down
Me: He does that too
Mike: but I am hungry
Me: Well put him on his mat and get some food
Mike: Ok

Next call
Mike: the baby is still crying
Me: give him some gas drops
Mike: I am trying
Me: ok?
Mike: I am still hungry
Me: laughs - eat!
Mike: I may eat him......a little the baby!
Me: laughs again ~ you can't eat the baby Mike!

Anyway, it pretty much went on like that the whole hour and a half of the game. When I got home I was panic struck me because Jude was crying.....and not just crying.....screaming! He was not himself at all. So I listened and heard him choking a bit and thought...reflux. I gave him some mylanta, fed him, and soothed him. He finally fell asleep in my arms and all was ok. Then today I take him to my cousins house because Suzie had a dr appointment. Only to get a call a bit later that she needed the base to the car seat, and that Jude didn't feel well. I rush back over there, and he is not himself again. So we then rush to his pediatrician fearing inter cranial pressure to his head, but he quieted down. He did start screaming again at the pediatricians office so he inspected him from head to do. I just LOVE LOVE Dr Anthony Scott if you ever need a pediatrician. He even put some drops in his eyes to look for eye scratches, but that didn't make Jude happy at all. He explained that babies can scratch their eyes and it can really hurt for days. He finally then agreed that he thinks it's a serious case of reflux and gave Jude a prescription. So here we are at my office..........and Jude has been snoring in his car seat since about 11 :). My aunt said "Your life is crazy you never catch a break, but when I talk to you you are just la la la la". I said "Because nothing phases me anymore I am getting used to this life and luck. I do think however that eventually God will give up and let me win the lottery". She died laughing.

See ya!

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James said...

Didn't you know that Doctors are really God? If you don't believe it, ask them! They'll tell you. Don't you love how its a PRIVILEDGE to give them your money? Not to mention what they get from the insurance companies- Now THERE'S another story altogether - don't get me started on insurance! :) sounds like a great day! Glad you made it!