Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another work week

Well I am back at work again, and slowly beginning to adjust to this new situation. I got up this morning early, spent some time with Em, and then put her on the bus. That left me some time to lay back down with Jude, and it made me feel better. He laid there and smiled at me several times which made me very happy. So it seems my life is beginning to take on a bit of a routine I guess in regards to work, household, and family. Granted that will change when Mike's mom goes back home, but I am learning to adjust. I still don't sit down until about nine every night, but it is still my house and relax time. Mike is running errands today for the house he is working on. It rained pretty hard last night so he was worried about the drive there with his guys, the boom lift, and the temp. So he is busy getting paint, ladders, and such with his brother today. Once Mike is 100% well, and we get this company off the ground I really think he will do very well!!! We are lucky some friends helped us find this job because I think it will look great on his portfolio. If you need painting, sheet rocking, fence staining, etc please let us know...ha!
So I discovered a new microcephaly support forum, and I signed up. I didn't sign up because I think Jude has this, but only to educate myself further. Whether he does or doesn't I would like to be aware of signs and symptoms. I would also like to help form charities or groups that can help children out with this issue. It seems our communities are not vastly aware of the issue called microcephaly and the potential serious problems it creates. I am VERY lucky so far because there are many women on this forum who will deal with medical issues the rest of their child's or their lives. I had a woman email me yesterday who truly touched me! I had posted an email introducing myself, and basically asking for what signs I should look out for. She wrote me back and explained who she was, and explained what she had been through. Her child was not like Jude because her baby had no signs of any issues on their sonograms. I believe she said around 36 weeks she noticed the baby had stopped moving. She rushed into the hospital only to find out she had suffered a placental tear or something to that nature, and she had to deliver the baby immediately! The baby had lost a lot of her blood, and as a newborn suffered seizures. So she has been dealing with the fact her daughter will have some issues. She said her baby is 7 1/2 months and just now smiling and only randomly. I realized how lucky I am that at 2 months Jude was smiling. She said she has also a very difficult time with her because she will not sleep nor lay on her back. Again, I am counting my blessings. Although, she has no idea if the little girl will just have mild issues, or severe. It's just like Jude we just don't know, but we do know he looks good. He has some twitches, and such I think could be some small infantile spasms, but besides that Jude is growing, healthy, and happy!!! In regards to the spasms he never does those unless he is laying on his back, and if he is picked up they stop. So I am still not that worried. The lady also said that at times she wonders why everyone else could move on with their lives while hers is still devastated. I told her I 100% understand the feeling she is talking about. Like the world she stop and realize how difficult your life is.....but it doesn't work that way. On a positive not I also told her about my little cousin who NEVER slept and cried constantly as an infant.......and today she is BRILLIANT. She graduated high school and entered college at 15! So we never know what direction our lives are going to go.

Also, I did set the appointment with the urologist about Jude's other issue and that will be on Thursday at 4:30. I had called his pediatrician who said he has never seen a case of infant hydrocele not caused by an underlying hernia. I started talking and asking him medical situation regarding that area, and he stopped me. He said "How do you know all this stuff?". I said "Because I have been to medical hell and back within the last year and could probably have a degree handed to me and be your nurse". He just laughed and agreed.

Here is a new pic of Jude.
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luane said...

Hey Jenn!!!
I have been reading but not posting. I could not find my damn password. Love all the pics you are posting. He is a little cutie!
Take one day at a time and enjoy all the little stuff.. Mine are almost all grown and out of the house... man, its going to be quiet around here after 3 kids fighting all the time..LOL

Cjengo said...

Luane!!!!!!!! I have to find a judging gig so I can see you again soon. So good to hear from you. Well he has a dr appt Thurs, but I think he is perfect ;). Thanks