Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to work

I have been so busy today at work that I honestly haven't had a chance to update. I think that was good because it kept my mind busy. I did stop and call to check on Jude twice, and I was told he was doing wonderful. Emily also called me to let me know when she was home, and that her day stunk because she did a reading test all day. Don't get me started on the Texas education system based solely on having kids pass the TAKS test! I feel like that's all they do sometimes vs truly learning and enjoying learning. I am so anxious to get home and hug both of my kiddo's. When I left for lunch (which was very quick) my mind started wondering to Jude and thinking about what I was missing. It makes me sad it will be dark when I get home now. I miss my baby.
So we (Jude and myself) have a few more dr appts before the end of the year which I already cleared through work. Speaking of work I mentioned to Sarah today my confusion on looking for a new job. She said she thinks I have been content here because it is familiar. I remembered today that I do like my job, and know it very well. So that adds to my!
So I got a great encouraging email from Kay today on Jude's condition and it made me smile. In addition to that Kel called to check on me to make sure I was in good spirits. My cousin called yesterday too to see if I had "caught a cold" before going back..ha. I have a great set of friends and family.
So look at this adorable little face and tell me it looks like he has issues......I just see perfection.
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Dawn D. said...

He's beautiful, and he's getting so big!