Thursday, November 27, 2008

A lack of eating

Jude is reverting back to not eating again today. He had 1 ounce about 6am, and 4 ounces at 9. It's now 2pm and he hasn't eaten since. It's just not normal for him. Also, at 6 I tried to feed him, and he got VERY upset again. He also started wheezing and I am not sure what that is from. We have had some smiley moments today, and he has also slept a lot so maybe he is ok?!?1. My mothers instinct though tells me I need to skip the pediatrician and take him into the neurology center. I am not panicked yet or jumping the gun I will just monitor him. He hasn't eaten normal now for awhile so something is up. I will keep you guys posted. Maybe its just a normal colic issue??? I am going to watch him over the holiday weekend, and then decide if I should proceed to the dr. Please have a great Thanksgiving and remember how blessed your life is.

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