Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday again

I had a little more time to write so I thought I would type some more. I failed to mention our great news regarding our health insurance. This is a prime example to our health care crisis in America and why people get so frustrated. So, I saved up to go on maternity leave, and saved up to pay my medical bills. With all the complications that Jude and I suffered our medical bills became outrageous early on in the pregnancy. Luckily we had met our total out of pocket expenses for the year so the health insurance was suppose to pick up everything in full. I called my health insurance and double checked to make sure Jude would be covered once he was born. I was told that he would be covered for 30 days before I had to request in writing for him to be added. In addition to that I was told I would'nt owe anything for the birth because I had paid up. Well the other day I started receiving ALL these bills from the Dr, Hospital, etc. I was very confused so I called the health insurance company who proceeds to tell me everything she could, but not the right thing. The girl didn't know what she was doing, and I was very confused! She kept telling me I had not met my deductible which made no sense at all. So after much research on my part it turns out that our works calendar year started over on 9/1...........I had Jude 9/2. Which guessed it we owe ALL over again even though we just paid our deductible, etc. Oh it gets better...........on top of that since it was the renewal Jude was added from the 1st and we were retro activated to a family plan. Our ded is now $3k and our out of pocket $10k. OMG! Really???? I cannot afford that!!!! I know I am an insurance agent, but this is the reason I don't deal with health insurance!!! It's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! Something should apply in my opinion because this was an existing problem that we already paid doesn't work that way though. Ok there is my rant for the day. My friend Sarah said she is sticking a cookie jar for me up front at work...HA HA HA HA HA! I told her things always have a way of working out.
Jude is still being super cute today! He is giggling and laughing a lot, and is just a happy baby. Mike's mom gets here a little later tonight and is staying for the week. She is going to watch Emily for us when she gets home from school since Mike has that huge paint job over an hour away. This will help me a ton! I haven't scheduled Jude's three month appt yet, but I will be doing that soon. We have a meeting with the neurosurgeon in December, and they will discuss his MRI. I am still very hesitant about having that done since they never can give you any final answers. I just count my blessings that my son seems happy, and normal right now. Today when I was changing Jude Mike put his hand on his head and said he prays that his head will be normal because he didn't want things to change for Jude. I just smiled and wasn't sure how to respond. Mike says speaking about anything other than normal for him is putting negativity in the air for him so he rarely says anything about him like that.
I will write more tomorrow.

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