Monday, March 30, 2009


About 5:00pm, I received a call at work from Mike who was just done with Jude crying today. It was equivalent to having a baby with colic, and I knew he needed a break. I left work, and raced home to evaluate Jude and to let Mike have a breather. When I walked in Jude was laying quietly on his mat, but I could tell he had had a rough day. He also had only eaten 1 jar of baby food, and four ounces the ENTIRE day. I looked Jude over well and I noticed that his cheeks were red, he had a slight rash around parts of his body, and he kept opening and shutting his mouth. I cuddled Jude close, and tried to feed him but he would have no part of it. He did have horrible gas, but that seemed to be subsiding. I spent some time just holding Jude, and talking to him. I then gave Jude a bath, and massaged him to make him feel better.

It seemed whenever I put Jude down he would cry so I have spent most of the night holding him. I did get him to take his pacifier again, and then eat a jar of peas, and finally I got him to take a bottle. He seems much better.

The doctor said that he wanted to test Jude's blood tomorrow morning early. He is going to check his depakote level, a full cbc, and liver enzymes. So we will know tomorrow afternoon if it's anything more serious. The doctor also said he wanted us to give him his depakote tonight, but not tomorrow. I was very hesitant giving him the medication today, but we did follow orders. We keep reminding ourselves that Jude has been seizure free for days. The doctor said that this may be as simple as reducing the depakote and alternating 1 then 2 every other day.

I have racked my brain wondering what could be causing Jude's issues. It could be one of the following,
1. He is teething
2. He has 5ths disease
3. He has a virus other than 5th's.
4. It's a reaction to the depakote
5. He is having a reaction to bananas, which we introduced about a week ago.
6. He has a serious upset tummy.

Your guess is as good as mine, and I wish he could just sit up and tell me what's wrong and where it hurts. We hope that Jude is better tomorrow. We know that it is our turn for a break for a little while which is for Jude to be seizure free without reactions. We are saying prayers, and keeping hope. Em has been holding a steady watch over her little brother. She is such a great big sister.


Bronx Cataldo's said...

Hey Jen,
its possible he might have reflux. Finnian would go through the colic and the barfing. then ther were times he seemed fine he has reflux but also has silent reflux. He always wanted to be held upright. Try wraping him up and put him in his baby car seat. I spent many nights pushing Finnian back and forth in his buggy before meds

Denise (Shanghai-China) said...

Just want to say that me and my family are always thinking and praying for you all from this side of the world!! Keep hopes up and I am sure God will give you all the strength and wisdom to cope with all the uncertainties of this process. Love, Denise

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

When I was pregnant with Declan, Noah had 5ths and I was not immune. I think that is why we have had so many delays with Declan now. I am just not sure what to think. Has Jude been diagnosed with 5ths? From what Noah expierenced, I dont see a resemblence. Noah had the rash, slapped cheeks but overall pretty happy. Declan and I went under alot of testing while I was pregnant. All the tests came back okay but I am just not quite sure. It is really aggravating. I have been thinking of all of you alot lately. Please give Jude an extra hug from his friends here in West Texas!