Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Shmunday

Jude still wasn't doing very well last night prior to his next medication dose so I called the doctor again. I wanted to check with the doctor prior to giving him any additional meds that would make matters worse. I told him that Jude was still rather lethargic, and when he wasn't he was bawling, and he had also thrown up. He said he still wanted me to go ahead and give him his nightly dose of the medication because it was keeping the seizures away. I followed orders, and gave it to him. Within a few minutes Jude seemed very drugged up, and I hated the way he looked. Jude would just stare at me like he was wanting me to do something for him. He would whimper a bit, and then he would try to drift off, only to wake back up again. His eyes got real red, and his body got pale, and I got scared. Then Jude looked at me and said "Mah". I got really excited, and then was still worried at the same time. I brush my cheek and repeat "mama"to Jude all the time trying to teach him this as a sign to call me. Last night he would lightly brush his cheek and mutter "mah", or just rub his hand across his cheek. I was very impressed.

So I took Jude upstairs to Mike, and showed Mike what he looked like. I also told him about the "Mah" incident, and Mike seemed excited about that, but concerned about the way Jude looked. We discussed whether we should take him into the doctor, or wait and see how he does. We decided to give Jude a bit longer and see how he did. I took Jude to bed with me because I didn't want him to be in his bassinet and something go wrong. I laid there with him, and he tossed and turned muttering his new syllable from time to time. He would then choke on his salivia which scared me, and this was something he did all night. About midnight Mike came to bed relieving me so I could go to sleep. This is when Mike heard Jude say "Mah!" and "Bah!" so Jude had added an additional sound. I am assuming these were involuntary, but it was nice to here little syllables from him. Jude was awake most the night unable to hold a paci in his mouth, choking on his saliva, and unable to eat. I put a call into the doctor this morning, but I have yet to hear back. Jude is also still doing his tongue thrust, but is no longer crying. This could be a combination of teething, meds, and just Jude. So I am at work worrying about him, and I am exhausted. I am also thinking about all the laundry that keeps reproducing around my house.

So prior to Jude's late night episodes we attended Emily's softball game. Jude had stopped crying for awhile so we went, and took him out in the sunshine. My little Em did awesome! She got two runs because she hit the ball to outfield, and then as pitcher struck 3 people out! During their after game meeting Emily was named the MVP of the very first game. We were very proud!!! What was really funny though was Em had no idea what MVP meant.

Em being named mvp:
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AshleyS said...

Praying he gets better soon!

andrea said...

Get better, Jude. :(

Rich said...

Great job Emily... I'll be starting to take baseball photos soon (softball too) for our league... Keep up the good work...