Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is Mercury in retro grade?

Just a quick post.

So today I had worked hard to slow cook a post roast. I found a great recipe that included browning the pot roast in red onions, and red wine, and then transferring the master piece to a slow cooker. About thirty minutes into my creation I heard a loud BANG, and then fire shot out of my slow cooker.........yep the sucker EXPLODED! I am so glad I was at home. I am now afraid of Slow cookers! I had a nasty mess to clean up but I was glad I was here.

Then to top the night off we have introduced some pureed chicken to Jude's diet. He is almost 7 months, and has been eating peas and carrots for some time. I decided to give him some protein, and suddenly about two hours ago he started crying at the top of his lungs. Jude rarely cries, and if he does it doesn't last as long as this episode did. Suddenly, Jude broke out into a striped rash across his stomach. Who has an allergic reaction to chicken? Plus, would you like to know the weird twist in this story? Jude has been seizure free ALL DAY! He hasn't had one seizure since his 4:30 am seizure I referenced earlier. He had some chicken for breakfast, and dinner. So did the added protein help?

Anyway, Jude seems to be okay now, and the kitchen is under control. We are now back to normal again.


Karen said...

Wow, I never heard of that happening to a slow cooker! Sorry about your pot roast. :-(
Try lamb for the first meat. It has the least incidence of reaction of the proteins.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Slow cooked exploding thats a first but as my Dad said he never knew that a pressure cooker could explode until one day he came home from work put what he wanted in to the pressure cooker and hopped into hte shower like he did every day. Next thing he heard boom. Carefully he came out to the kitchen and what a mess chicken legs,carrots and potatoes stuck on the celing. He just took the pressure cooker and threw it in the trash. Every time anyone mentions a pressure cooker thoese things are dangerous and waht a mess they make if they explode.