Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rested and a loss

So Mike and I went to bed last night, and Mike played on the lap top. He told me he wasn't sleepy yet, and that he was worried the light from the computer would keep me awake. I am one of those that needs the room dark to sleep. Well I was so tired I was OUT, and I don't even remember when he got off the computer. I slept until Jude had a roll........2:30.... of course. So I laid Jude in bed with us until he stopped twitching, and then I put him back in his bassinet. He slept well until he woke up at his usual 4:30, but he didn't have a full blow seizure then. He actually waited until almost 7am, and he had a seizure then. It becomes more of a struggle when Jude has seizures past 5am, because he falls asleep and won't eat. That means he misses his morning bottle, and he needs all the calories he can get. Each seizure is equivalent to a two hour work out, and if you think about how many calories that would burn it boggles the mind. Although, my little chunky monkey isn't doing that bad because he is already growing out of his car seat, which raises even more questions. What type of seat do we go to from here because he cannot fully keep his head up yet. Anyway, here is a pic of my chunk.
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So I am sure you guys heard the horrible news that Natasha Richardson died from head trauma in a ski accident. They announced that on the news last night, and showed a picture of her from the parent trap. Emily was devastated, but I think it was not because Natasha was in a movie Emily enjoyed but because Natasha was a mother. Em said, "I bet her children are heart broken", such a grown up statement from a little girl. So when Em was going to bed she was a bit frazzled from that, and from Jude. She was a bit teary, and said that her friends are normally around but aren't due to spring break therefore she is inside more and sees Jude's seizures more. I explained to her that we just have to accept Jude the way he is even though the seizures are very difficult to watch. Mike then went back into her room a bit later, and explained how we will be trying some new medication soon to stop these nasty seizures. This seemed to put Em at ease a bit. She was also mad because I had told her she needed to clean up her room today and we would make some stepping stones tonight. So a little grown up girl, pre teen emotions, and genuine heartache.

So Sarah is on vacation, but the phones are not to busy. I am about to finish all my little work up that I can never get to when we are slammed.


Mara said...

I love the little frog legs Jude has the in the

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Car seat? Have you looked at the Britax? Those are GREAT! We are moving Declan into a convertible carseat and those are top on my list!