Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today Jude and I are hanging out watching movies, and just relaxing. I have done some dishes, and laundry but overall we are just enjoying each other. We slept in this morning, and Jude slept very well beside me. Last night though, and the night before he had seizures at 2:30am and 4:30am on the dot. Therefore, I really think he needed the sleep this morning.

On Friday night my cousin came over for taco's, and last night my friend Michelle came over for dinner too. Both of them commented on how alert Jude seems since coming off the pheno. Both made reference to the fact that Jude will look you directly in the eyes when you talk to him now. I found comfort in the fact that they both noticed this.

I am watching Jude on his colorful Einstein mat right now, and I am watching his tiny hand "Reach" for his star. I hold out hope that he is indeed reaching for it, and it's not an involuntary movement.

I am keeping it short today, and will write more tomorrow. I am off to hang out with my handsome boy. Em is at her daddy's, and I just talked with her. She seems to be having a great time.

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