Friday, March 20, 2009

Smiles and seizures

Last night when I got home we had dinner, and then I commented how nice the weather is. Emily, Jude, and I decided to take a walk. I have not worked out the last two weeks because I have had a very busy schedule, and was battling this sinus infection. So my hiney needed to get some exercise! So I strapped Juders into his stroller, and Emily hopped on her new bike. Since the straps in Jude's stroller are tight it helps him keep his head up.

Here he is all ready to go:
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So while walking Emily and I both noticed how responsive Jude seemed to be to being outdoors. He was making little noises, moving his feet, and just seemed generally interested. So we continued to walk, and Jude watched Emily ride her bike around. When we got back to the house to go in Emily walked up to talk to Jude, and I heard her shout "Mommy he smiled...REALLY BIG!". So I looked over just in time to see this HUGE smile spread across Jude's face...and my heart stopped. I tried to get him to do it again, but he wouldn't perform on cue. I was so proud though. We then went in, and Jude hungrily ate up a full bottle.

On top of that wonderful walk Jude did not have one seizure last night. Mike, and I finally got some sleep. So far today he has not seized either so we are crossing our fingers.

Here are some shots of the kids:
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Mara said...

Its amazing gwhat these sisters can Kayden loves to smile for her big sister too

mom2nji said...

I burst into tears when I read he smiled at his sister. You amaze me everyday with your positive outlook.