Monday, March 30, 2009

Tick Tock

Well here I sit strumming my finger nails on my desk waiting on the doctor to call back. I called at 8:30am, and I have yet to hear back. I truly like this doctor so I am going to chalk this one up to him being busy. Although, my hours of frustration based on his offices lack of communication is beginning to wear on my nerves. We have yet to give Jude his medication for the day so I am hoping that he doesn't have any break through seizures.

This is such a conundrum because on one hand his seizures are gone, but on the other he is reacting to the medication. It is so hard for me to explain how wonderful it feels for Jude to be seizure free. Our weekend felt rather ..... dare I say.......normal. Normal, is such a word that we miss in our everyday lives.

I will update later tonight when I hear from the neurologist, and what route our journey will take. I miss my Jude's little cheeks today, and I am ready to rush home from work to kiss them.

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