Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

I am always very weary to get my hopes up when Jude's seizures decrease. As Mike puts it (and Jocalyn understands) it's taking one step forward, but you get two steps back. Although, I am going to opt to be positive here, and believe in our new neurologist. Jude only had 1 seizure yesterday which was at 6pm when I walked in the door. He then went seizure free until about midnight when he just twitched a bit, and never yelped. Jude then made it through to this morning without one seizure event. I am hoping that the Vitamin B6 combined with the topamax is working!!! I think Dr R was right when he said the prior seizure increase was due to the pheno withdrawals. So please cross your fingers that Jude can continue to decrease in his seizure activity. My heart jumps for joy thinking that there is a chance Jude could beat the seizures even if only for a little while.

Here are some cute pics of the kids from last night. Em wanted to match Jude and popped one of those light up pacifies in her mouth to be funny. Also, if you look at Jude's hands in the second picture you can see the signs of the Cp the therapists are working with.

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Mara said...

We are keeping our fingers crossed !!!! hugs

Christy Trott said...

those pix are so cute...all I can say is "Believe" all are always in my prayers! c'mon B-6 & Topomax!