Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trade Days and the sun

So last night we made it an early night and snuggled into bed, only for Jude to have a seizure. After an almost seizure free full day it was disappointing because he ended up having so many seizures throughout the night. We still got some sleep though, and we looked forward to the beautiful spring day today. Emily started her softball practice, and had to be up and ready for her two hour practice. She did well at batting, and we discussed her catching because it lacked in some spots. She truly loves softball though which I never expected, and she tries very hard to play well. You can tell Em has been playing for five seasons now because she has a great stance, and knows many good techniques from great past coaching. Jude attended Em's softball practice and we sat and watched her in the nice spring air. Mike, and I walked around the pond by the fields with Jude in his stroller. Since he didn't have one seizure we were very happy.

After his huge paint job in Stephenville Mike allowed himself to get one "toy". I think it's needed because he stays in the house all the time with Jude, and he did work very hard on this job. So he got himself a little race car that's remote controlled, and he was like a little boy waiting for his ebay delivery today. He was so disappointed whenever he got home and it wasn't here. I guess boy will be boys. Although to his surprise the post man came back and dropped his package off about two. So he had his great delivery and was ready to play.....BUT was then hauled off to trade days with me...(smile). Trade days is basically a huge garage sale in Texas motor speedway. My friend Michelle (Fleck), and Greg went with us. It was nice to walk around in the sunshine. We got some great, like Em got a tye dye shirt for only 25 cents. It was a nice relaxing day, even though Jude had a seizure in the middle of the market place. It's almost like we are accustomed to the issues that Jude has, and we are equipped to handle the situation. We don't like it, but we handle it, and we shield him from others. Anyway, Fleck got some great deals on some iron turtles for her garden. This great iron place was there, and most everything including LARGE iron crosses were only $2 - $ just cannot beat that. I know it sounds so lame, but a nice day of walking around in the sun looking for bargain deals is a great day to me.

Have a nice weekend.


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I wish we lived closer to TMS. Not only for Trades Day but for NASCAR lol. We actually looked at some homes in Keller, but, unfortunately this oil industry is in the tank right now.

Cjengo said...

You are braver than I am. I will gladly lend you my house during Nascar weekend :). We are trapped in here on those weekends because the hwy becomes a one way!