Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleep or no sleep

On my way home from work last night I called Mike to check the home status. He said Jude had woken up screaming, and was very fussy. This is unusual for Jude so I knew something had to be bothering him. Once I got home I took him, and he was uncomfortable. I could tell he kept twitching, but he was twitching forward like his stomach hurt. I gave him a little mylanta, and within minutes he was laying in my arms happily sucking on his pacifier. So Jude and I sat and watched TV for awhile, and then I realized it was time for his medications. He takes topamax which are sprinkles we put on baby food, and Vitamin B6 which we have to crush into his food. While i was mixing his medications I heard a little yelp and looked over to see him seizing. This is not good...........this means Jude won't eat! So I rushed over to him, and the seizure became more violent and more violent. Also, this was his fifth seizure of the day. I called for Mike to come down stairs, and explained what happened. I knew Jude wasn't going to take his meds, and sure enough he didn't. So i said, "Let's give him the klonnopin". It was in liquid form, and would be easier to administer but we have not used it in two months. Mike was hesitant, but I wasn't. Jude has not had a full nights sleep in WEEKS, and lack of sleep causes seizures, plus I knew he wouldn't take the other meds. So we administered the klonnopin, and he finally fell fast asleep. Jude slept through the whole night until about 8am. When he woke up Mike said he took his meds, at 4 ounces with rice, and a jar of sweet potatoes! I think the sleep did wonders for him, and I am crossing my fingers. I know I get worn out and exhausted so Jude must also. A full night of sleep can do wonders for a person.

So I do have a funny, but not so funny story. Last night I was tired when I got home but I still got dinner ready, etc, then went to take my bath. Once I got out Emily saw me and slowly walked over to me.
She said, "Mom your old"
Me "Thanks Em, but I am not old"
Em "Well you look old, I mean you just look different"
Me" Thanks for the self esteem booster"
Em "Well sorry, but you look old!"
Me "I am tired Em and this year has been hard on me so I probably do look older"
Em "Well I still love you"

Thanks now let me pull your pony tail! Little stinker......speaks the truth though and I know it. I am tired. I have dark circles under my eyes, my eyes are blood shot, I slick my hair back in a pony tail most everyday, and I am white as a ghost. Gone are the days of my fancy pedicures, tanning beds, beautiful straight hair, and fancy clothes. It is important to me though that Mike and I go out every now and then. It gives me the chance to dress up, and put effort into myself. I like to look pretty, and I like to look pretty for my husband. So even though I have to force Mike to go out I do think it's important to find some resemblance of the vivacious girl I was.

Smiles and have a good day!


Mara said...

How true- and you forgot the part about the added weight and stretched skin. LOL Glad to hear you and Jude got some sleep- us too ! kinda....

andrea said...

I hate those seizures. i don't hate much, but those i HATE! jude is just so cute in those chair photos. oh, and if you're old, i am a fossil! take care and have a good weekend.