Sunday, March 1, 2009


Greetings everyone. We did get to go home last night, and once we got here Jude and I slept for hours. I am hoping on today to let you know we are home safe, and sound. Jude has had 3 seizures since last night so we are watching him closely. He had two last night within an hour of each other, which is unusual.

I have so much to tell you, and pictures to share. I am going to save my long novel for tomorrow when I have more time to write. Jude is sitting in front of me on his mat, and I am up to my hiney in garage sale stuff. So therefore, I am making this a bit short.

I have been asked if what we received was good news. In a way I guess it is, and in a way it's not. It's encouraging news we have a doctor who cares yet it's always sad to us that it's never a "miracle". Does that make sense? We accept our baby Juders for who he is, but you always hold out hope that something miraculous will happen. I will post so much tomorrow so please check back. I am currently laughing at Jude's cute little half sneeze. You know when you sneeze, and then try to sneeze again, but can only let out a cute ahhhhhhhhh because you cannot get that last little part out.

We went to grab a bite to eat at Dove creek today which is a tiny diner by our house. When we were there Jude started to seize, and I took him back to area outside the restrooms. Mike, and I are okay around Jude when he seizes, but we understand it's disturbing for others to watch so we remove him from the room. The owner came to ask Mike what had happened, and Mike explained that Jude was having a seizure. She came back to where I was at and offered to hold him while I ate. I of course refused, but I was so impressed.

Have a great Sunday everyone, and I will talk to you tomorrow.


mom2nji said...

I am praying for Jude. Your strength is awe inspiring to me. I got a little teary, when reading about the diner owners, really nice people!

Ellen said...

You meet people like that every now and again, people who treat you as a parent who needs help rather than a parent to flee from, and they always amaze you. I've felt the same way.

Hope you guys have a good night.